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LJ Interests meme results

  1. Bodie/Doyle:
    Originally this pair were only ever going to be of academic interest.... Hmm, things have changed. I've written and had published more fanfic for this couple than any other. They belong to one another unconditionally and forever.
  2. Crime Fiction:
    Detective/crime/mystery fiction always has been my favourite mainstream genre. I'm not a huge fan of hard-boiled or the ultra-reality kind, but I'll pretty much try any detective once.
  3. Fan Fiction:
    Love it, as a writer and a reader. It allows me to write and express myself and show the love of the partners about whom I write. It keeps me sane and is more than just a hobby.
  4. Fraser/Vecchio:
    I was pimped into Due South by a Fraser/Kowalski fan, but I just couldn't see the pairing. The first ep I saw was the first of S3 and my reaction was 'oh, my, what a slashy scene' when I saw the telephone call between Ray V and Benny. And I wanted to see more. Another couple that belong together.
  5. Man From U.N.C.L.E.:
    Another show I pimped myself into and it fast became an absolute love. The relationship between Napoleon and Illya carries it, but I also love Mr. Waverly and enjoy most of the plot lines.
  6. Media Fandom:
    I did my Master's Degree on this topic, and thus have an interest in fandom on more than just a writer/reader level.
  7. Music:
    My tastes are eclectic. Classical, light opera, country, light rock, easy listening, 60s, 70, 80s, some 90s, but I'm not really into modern stuff.
  8. NCIS:
    My latest obsession. I only started to watch it because of David McCallum, but quickly found myself drawn the the entire team and. It pushed all the necessary buttons to become a fandom (with one pair in particular).
  9. Ray Doyle:
    Dichotomous, would be the best word to sum Ray Doyle up. As a young teenager he wasn't my favourite, I've always liked well dressed men, and Bodie fulfilled that. But when I rediscovered Pros I soon came to realise that Ray was the character with whom I could identify more easily.
  10. Slash Fiction:
    Pretty much the only fanfic I'll read. I occasionally read the odd bit of Buffy/Angel het, and the odd bit of gen fiction, but 99% of what I read is slash. It fulfils my desire to see the pairs together. And it's the only kind of fiction I write.

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