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From Twitter 08-08-2009

  • 10:01:17: @Caffyolay & @DoodleAnge Oh, it certainly is lovely (celeb crushes)
  • 10:02:30: @Caffyolay LJ was fine for me during the day, slowish at times, but it never vanished. And the whole thing was aimed at one person!
  • 10:04:49: Just took "What is your talent?" and got: Actor/Actress! Try it ૪
  • 10:06:11: Just took "What Hogwarts House Would the Sorting Hat Put You In?" and got: Ravenclaw! Try it ૪
  • 10:10:50: @batteredhaggis I do. I am currently on it.
  • 10:16:40: @batteredhaggis Do you not have LJ, then? If not, I'm thinking a cluster thing or the UK thing they posted the other day.
  • 10:20:34: @Cholymelan That's interesting. Another friend of mine (UK) says the same. But I'm fine. I'm happily replying to comments as we speak.
  • 10:24:39: @batteredhaggis One of my German friends has just posted here saying the same as you. So, yes, a cluster thing. Darn it!
  • 10:36:48: @Cholymelan It's got to be a cluster thing.
  • 10:37:02: @sunshine4537 Me too.
  • 10:37:39: @sunshine4537 Eeek. I am sorry to hear this, not good at all. I'm just glad all it well.
  • 10:47:36: @sunshine4537 I can imagine it was. I'm just glad to hear all is well.
  • 12:24:59: *Sighs* Just had to remove half a dozen bots who were following me. Plus, two 'people' who somehow I was following - but hadn't added!
  • 13:05:44: @aeon65 I wish I knew. I can't really find anything in my posts that would trigger them *sighs* At least they aren't the nasty porn ones.
  • 14:19:59: @DoodleAnge Yay, almost half way there. *Good vibs for the other 11*
  • 14:20:35: @DoodleAnge Wee D can't be nearly one, he just can't *boggles*
  • 14:21:33: @Caffyolay One person who has accounts on Twitters, LJ & Facebook - but I don't get the Google connection. All to do with Georgia.
  • 14:23:19: @DoodleAnge Evil friend of mine. I think I figured it out. :-)
  • 14:23:44: @Caffyolay LJ was fine for me from early on. But I know it's been down/is down for others.
  • 14:24:17: @Caffyolay Hey, you've changed your picture. Nice.
  • 15:06:20: @Caffyolay I heard MySpace wasn't touched.
  • 15:06:30: @Caffyolay It's a great picture.
  • 15:07:14: @Caffyolay Ooh, pictures. Goodie.
  • 15:54:02: @batteredhaggis Are you still not able to access it?
  • 15:54:21: @batteredhaggis You know what, maybe they don't.
  • 16:29:51: @batteredhaggis Damn it. Accodring to Support they acknowledge it may be unreachable for some. But according to Status it's slow, but there.
  • 16:30:07: @batteredhaggis Oh, really helpful. There should be some other way as well!
  • 16:55:28: @batteredhaggis I'm afraid they don't. Just that they are working on it. There are lots of comments from folk whose friends can't get on.
  • 16:59:26: @batteredhaggis Have you run a traceroute? A couple of people report it bouncing back between two IP addresses.
  • 17:24:23: LJ Status reports LJ is still under DDoS attacks. They are working on it. Apparently even changing browser can help. I use Opera.
  • 17:45:38: @Cholymelan Darn it. Have you run a traceroute? A couple of people are reporting getting stuck on the same two IPs.
  • 17:54:20: I don't know if this is any help to those who can't get to LJ. Some folk are saying they're using a proxy? has been mentioned.
  • 18:06:08: Another proxy mentioned is: Ninjaproxy. I know nothing about proxies, so I honestly don't know if this is of any help.
  • 18:11:06: Logging off now. I hope those of you who've been unable to LJ today can get there tomorrow.

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