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From Twitter 08-07-2009

  • 09:31:30: @Caffyolay No, it wasn't just you. It vanished for me too. It seems that LJ and Twitter went down and Facebook was mightly hinky/down.
  • 09:32:05: @Caffyolay *Shudders* At the thought of them.
  • 09:33:51: @AJMIRAG I wasn't worried about the UK thing, thank you though - I knew it was general. Then Twitter went too!
  • 09:34:13: @aeon65 It seems everything went hinky.
  • 09:34:32: Okay, how can I be apparently following someone I didn't add?
  • 11:00:25: Have just played a video where one of my friends was speaking. Lacey is still trying to find where the 'invisible' lady is.
  • 11:00:48: What Does Your Walk Say About You? - - Your Walk Says You're Approachable #blogthings
  • 11:20:37: Twelve down thirty eight to go. Yes, the number went up :-)
  • 12:27:30: @DoodleAnge Hee for temptation. Tis a very good series. Last time I looked on Amazon it was £50.00 for the entire lot (TWW)
  • 12:28:26: @Caffyolay Tis a tad worrying when it happens. I'm glad it's not just me, but I'm sorry it's happened to you too.
  • 12:28:44: @Caffyolay I know, bless her.
  • 12:29:07: @DoodleAnge Oh, that's so good to hear. Really wonderful. Sleep is so good.
  • 12:29:29: @DoodleAnge *Drags back out* Thank you.
  • 12:29:51: @AJMIRAG I was trying to reply to you when I realised it was down.
  • 12:30:13: @AJMIRAG Darn. That's not good to hear. It's happened to another friend of mine too. Hmmm.
  • 12:30:29: @DoodleAnge Poor little thing :-)
  • 16:35:55: @Caffyolay & @ DoodleAnge I second Caffy's wise words.
  • 16:36:35: @Caffyolay & @DoodleAnge I saw it yeterday and I agree - I think he does indeed have a wee crush!
  • 17:02:46: Fifteen down. Thirty-five to go.

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