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For my fellow UK LJers

I know a number of UK folk (including myself) have had problems over the last week or so with LJ (touch wood I've been okay over the last few days), but I know both aingeal8c and londonronnie have commented on the slowness, etc. I have just come across the following on status.

We have received reports that some users in the UK have been experiencing very slow load times or broken formatting when viewing LiveJournal. At this time, we believe this is not due to anything on LiveJournal's end, but that a provider in the UK (Easynet Global Services) may be unable to connect to Limelight, our Content Delivery Network.

If you are experiencing this difficulty and would like to report it:

1. Do a traceroute to ''. If one of the upstream providers in that route is "", you should then:

2. Do a traceroute to ''. If it does not connect, you should then:

3. Open a Support Ticket with Easynet Global Services to report this issue.

I hope this is of some help to those who are having problems.
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