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If I ruled the world of fandom

Taken from blktauna and fannish5

Name 5 things you would change about Fandom (overall community) or fandom (specific) if you were queen (or king) of everything.

Slightly tongue in cheek.....

1. There would be THREE distinct genres of fanfic: slash, gen AND het, and ALL stories would be labelled accordingly and appropriately.

2. Everyone would follow my credos of: 'mutual respect' and 'if you can't say anything good, say nothing at all'.

3. There would be NO partner rape, partner murder, partner beating stories - unless they were part of an undercover assignment - and no unhappy endings (I get to say what constitutes unhappy *g*). And absolutely NO, not under ANY circumstances, stories that had sex and food in the same scene/place, i.e. no smearing jam over your partner's body and licking it off.

4. Everyone would respond to LoCs, LJ or list comments on their stories.

5. Everyone would have watched at LEAST ONE episode of the show in which they intend to write BEFORE they start writing - no one will write solely from other people's fanfic.
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