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Twenty Random Facts

Tagged by my dear friend maubast. I'm pretty sure that most folk who know anything about me will know most of this stuff anyway, but here goes:

Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same number of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. Then, tag your friends... or enemies.

Start time: 8:00

1. I love winter and hate summer.
2. My favourite colour is black.
3. I'm an only child.
4. I was the typical teacher's pet at school and loved studying.
5. I had a crush on my Geography teacher at my upper school, he wasn't young, dashing and handsome, he was in his 30s.
6. I've been married for 19 years to the same man.
7. My husband is 15 years older than me.
8. I'm a bibliomaniac.
9. I did amateur dramatics for many years.
10. I hate the telephone.
11. I love doing nice things for my friends.
12. I like watching tennis on TV.
13. I loathed sports whilst at school and did whatever I could to get out of them, including tidying up the teachers' office.
14. I was the sixth form librarian.
15. I suffered dreadfully with tonsillitis as a child and was rushed into hospital twice, but they didn't remove my tonsils until I was 16.
16. I love the academic side of fandom as well as the fandom-fandom side.
17. I once swore I'd never get a LJ - hah!
18. I once swore I'd always be a sole fandom gal (Starsky & Hutch) - hah!
19. My sense of direction is non-existent
20. I am far too serious.

End time: 8:05

I tag (apologies if you've been tagged, I know this started amongst some of my other friends last week).

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