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NCIS Big Bang

As a few of you know I have signed up for this year's NCIS Big Bang - I did it last year and wrote My Son's Boyfriend and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Last year I had no problem with deciding what to write, none at all. However, this year I'm not that sure.

I have three main ideas vying for 'attention' so I thought I'd do a little poll to get a feeling for what grabs people. Even if you don't actually read Gibbs/Ducky, I'd welcome your opinion.

Anyway, my three ideas are:

The longer version of the ideas

1. Gibbs and Ducky are in a committed established relationship, indeed they are living together, when during a trip for an ME's conference Ducky comes face to face with Shannon and Kelly and manages to ascertain they were actually put into the Witness Protection Program. After a lot of thought, Ducky decides he has to do the honourable thing and tell Jethro. Jethro's initial reaction is just to try to put it out of his mind. However, he can't and decides he has to go and see them, if only from a distance.

2. An AU where in order to raise some money for an operation his mother needs, Gibbs joins a male 'escort' agency. His first client is Ducky who takes a liking for the young man and offers him a job doing maintenance work at the hospital Ducky owns in return for Ducky operating on Jethro's mother. A friendship develops between them and a non-fraternal attraction begins to grow, but neither man knows how to approach the other. A first time story.

3. A kind of crossover with The Man From U.N.C.L.E. entitled 'Ducky Not Illya'. Ducky is getting strange phone calls and odd things are happening. He dismisses them at first, thinking it's just 'one of those things', in fact he doesn't even tell Jethro about all of them. And then there is an attempt on his life and a note is left saying 'We warned you we'd get you, Kuryakin'. Jethro, after asking Ducky if he is in fact Illya Kuryakin, gets the whole story of the 'incidents' out of him, but before Jethro can track the culprits down a further attempt is made on both Ducky and Jethro's lives. An established relationship story.

So which would you prefer?

The summarised ideas

Poll #1419954 Nikki's NCIS Big Bang Story

Which of the following stories should Nikki write for this year's NCIS Big Bang?

Shannon & Kelly in Witness Protection Program.
AU where Gibbs is a male escort.
MFU crossover - 'Ducky Not Illya'.
For Nikki's use only so that she can easily see the results without having to click several times.

Thank you in advance.

NB I'm not promising that if there is a 'winner' I will write that. As all writers know the muse can be a fickle thing and can decided to go its own way no matter what the writer might want to write - and that's not mentioning Bob of course *g* I might even get bitten by something completely different, but I'm fairly sure it will be one of these three.
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