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Comment Fiction. Bringing Joy (Gibbs/Ducky)

This is all aingeal8c's fault. She went and wrote Gibbs/Boat for miss_zedem's kissing fest and kindly shared her link on her LJ. And I couldn't pass up the chance to write a wee G/D 'kissing' fic. So . . . Bringing Joy

And the kissing fest is open to any one who wishes to submit a wee story.

TITLE: Bringing Joy
AUTHOR: Ashleigh Anpilova
PAIRING: Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard
GENRE: Slash
SUMMARY: Ducky knows what brings him joy.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.

I'm posting the story here as well as I want to be able to save it to memories and also link to more easily as a challenge story.

There were many things in his life that brought Ducky joy: good company, fine food and wine, malt scotch, stimulating conversation, telling his stories, the children, his job and many other things. However, one thing above all others brought him the most joy of all. That thing was being kissed by and kissing his beloved Jethro.

Jethro's mouth on his was something that made him tingle with happiness and joy. Jethro kissed like he did everything: with complete commitment. When he kissed Ducky, Ducky knew Jethro was focused on kissing him and him alone.

And Jethro's kisses were not always the same. Ducky never got the feeling of routine or over-familiarity when Jethro kissed him. Of course he knew Jethro's mouth, Jethro's lip and Jethro's taste so very well, better than he had ever known anyone's; just as Jethro knew his. But they still kept things new and fresh, albeit with the comfort of deep knowledge.

It was so easy with Jethro, so tender, so moving, so intense, so full of love, passion, commitment, contentedness, happiness, pleasure. Whether it was a mere brush of lips over lips, or the fully-open mouths, crushed together and driven by passion, or all the kisses in-between, it was just so right. Just so perfect.

The joy Ducky felt when he was in his beloved's arms, being kissed by him, returning the kisses, was like nothing he had ever known before. And his joy was enhanced even more because he knew that no one else but he would ever know, ever experience, Jethro's kisses again.

He, Doctor Donald 'Ducky' Mallard would be the lucky, the favored, the only, the adored, recipient of Leroy Jethro Gibbs's kisses from now until . . . Well, from now until forever, because Ducky was certain death would not, could not, part them.
Tags: fandom: ncis, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky

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