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NCIS Awards 2009 - Make an author happy

Having spent part of yesterday and today sending out emails and PMs to people who have been nominated in the NCIS Awards and getting some very happy replies back, I thought it was time I promoted the 2009 ncis_awards again, because the more stories the merrier.

In total there are fifteen 'named' pairings, as well as a threesome section, a 'rarer pairings section (for all pairings not covered in the fifteen), a gen section, a case file section and a crossover section. And there are ten (nine in Best gen as it doesn't have 'Romance') categories into which you may nominate stories. You don't have to nominate in all ten; you can nominate a single story in a single category or as many as you like.

For ease of being able to find the pairing/section you wish to nominate a story in THIS post has links to all the individual nomination posts.

Full details of how to nominate can be found in the rules post.

Nominations close on 30th June.

And for any authors who have been nominated and want to announce the fact, there are some 'I've Been Nominated' graphics here.
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