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Vanishing Act

My parents are arriving tomorrow for spend the week with us, well they are actually staying in a holiday cottage, but they'll expect to be with us for just about every waking hour. As a result I'm not going to be around much, if at all, after today. I shall try to get on-line each day, if only to do a quick scan through emails, LJ and list mail, but I can't promise.

So if you don't hear from me, and I do have several outstanding emails sitting in my in-box, for over a week - it'll take me several days once they've gone to recover and get back into the swing of things - please don't worry, I will be alive, just unfortunately not around. If you do need to contact me urgently, please do send an email and mark it 'priority', that way when I do get a chance to turn my computer on, I'll know that one needs attention.

I hope all my flist have a good weekend and a good week and I shall be around in spirit at least. Oh, well, at least I can think 'nice' thoughts, even if I can't actually write them down.
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