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A question for my SGA friends

Am I dreaming it or did I see somewhere on one (or maybe more) of my friends' LJs some reference to a Virtual Season for SGA? And it was during the last few months, certainly this year.

I'm not asking for myself, I've never seen the show. However, I have a dear friend who doesn't visit LJ very much and in one of our emails I mentioned I thought I'd heard something about it, and she's Googled but can't find anything. I've had a quick look around LJ, however, given I get 14 pages of communities that include 'SGA' in their interests, it's a lot to dig through.

So I thought I'd ask my lovely flist.

Did I dream it or is there a virtual season somewhere? If the latter, could you point me in the right direction, please?

Many thanks in advance.

ETA: I did a quick Google myself first before asking as I found this sga_virtual, but it seems to be just for season 4. I don't think that's what I saw, but it might be, I guess.

ETA 2: Found it virtualatlantis - but it appears dead, ah well. At least I didn't dream it.

ETA 3: Thanks to starwatcher307 I now have the link - and proof I didn't invent the whole thing *g*
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