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Slashy Scenes

I was thinking about slashy scenes and how some of the most slashy actually only have one of the pairing in them and that it is what that half of the partnership say or do that makes the scene so slashy. So I decided to consider my three fandoms and see if I could think of a scene from each that was really slashy, but that only contained one half of the partnership.


The example I have selected from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is not only one of the most slashy scenes in MFU, but the slashiest scene I have ever seen. It takes place in the episode The Secret Sceptre Affair where Napoleon, who is on one of his many rescue-Illya missions, says to the person who has captured Illya, '"You have something that belongs to me. My friend." I was open-mouthed when I saw this scene, and actually had to replay it several times, just to check that I hadn't somehow projected my slashy thoughts onto Napoleon. However, no, this is indeed what he said. Something that belongs to me? How slashy can you get?


The example here comes from the episode that I consider to be the slashiest episode in the entire The Professionals series: Hunter Hunted. The scene is where Bodie is confronting the wife of the man who has captured and is holding Doyle, the same woman who led Doyle on and tricked him, all out of revenge for something Doyle had done whilst still working for the Metropolitan Police. Bodie talks to her and his tone is very quiet, very polite, even respectful; he even touches her face. However, his words are deadly, he makes it quite clear what will happen to both her and her husband if Ray Doyle is killed. Bodie is, for me, far more deadly and dangerous than he is when actually shooting or fighting people. My slash button, already working overtime throughout this entire episode, was depressed even further by this ultra-slashy scene.


Like both of the other two shows, Due South contains so many slashy moments it's hard to know which to go with. However, following my 'only one member of the partnership being present' formula, I have chosen a scene from Pizzas and Promises. Ray Vecchio is trapped at the bottom of the lake in the boot of a car and Benny (Benton Fraser) is desperate to find the keys so that he can rescue his friend. Ray's sister, Frannie, has managed to tag along and it is her from whom Benny is attempting to get the keys. As Frannie yet again fails to turn up the keys, Fraser, normally the most courteous, polite man in the world, who never raises his voice and never seems to get annoyed under any circumstances, does indeed raise his voice and get irritated with Frannie, finally abandoning any hope of her finding the key and diving into the lake anyway to in order to rescue Ray. It is a relatively small thing and had the person been anyone other than Benny, the scene wouldn't have quite the same slash value, but as the Mountie is the most calm, polite person ever, to see him get agitated speaks volumes to me.
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