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NCIS Awards 2009 - Nominations now open

Today has officially been wiped out as far as doing anything as Grandma has to go back to the doctors to see a doctor in order to get a prescription for her forgotten medication. And as she is quietly reading and duly apologising for being such a nuisance (her term, not mine) I'm here for a bit.  So I thought I'd promote this.

The ncis_awards 2009 nominations are now open.

In total there are fifteen 'named' pairings as well as a threesome section, a 'rarer pairings section (for all pairings not covered in the fifteen), a gen section, a case file section and a crossover section.

For ease of being able to find the pairing/section you wish to nominate a story in this post has/will have links to all the individual nomination posts.

Full details of how to nominate can be found in the rules post are on the post, but here are the categories in which you may nominate stories.

Best romance
Best angst
Best humour
Best AU Alternate universe: Roman, slave, a totally new universe
Best what if? The what-if scenario/different timeline - what if Kate lived? What if Gibbs never started working for NCIS?
Best fantasy
Best post-ep/missing scene/tag
Best drabble Exactly 100 words
Best double drabble Exactly 200 words
Best triple drabble Exactly 300 words

Nominations close on 30th June.
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