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Prompt list for the third older_not_dead promptathon

The prompt list for the third older_not_dead has now been posted.

We had thirty-two fandom represented as well as some prompts that were not fandom/pairing specific.

I'm not going to list all thirty-two fandoms, but some of the most popular were:

Due South (a variety of pairings)
NCIS (a variety of pairings)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E
The Professionals

There are also several 'rare' fandoms/pairings - which was great to see.

But even if your fandom hasn't appeared and you'd like to write a story/produce artwork, check out the 'fandom/pairing-free' section.

And remember, this is open to both writers and artists. Posting begins on 1st May and continues for the entire month of May.
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