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Crack_Van Rec 11: Four Times McGee Surprised Abby (And Two Times He Didn't) - Taisa Prongsie (PG)

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Abigail Sciuto/Timothy/McGee
Length: 1,531
Author on LJ: stardustofsongs
Author Website: None of which I am aware
Why this must be read:

Abby/McGee are my het OTP, so a van drive by me would not be complete without a rec for them.

Taisa (Stardustofsongs) is a new to me writer and I do hope there will be more Abby/McGee stories from her soon as she really captures this wonderful couple so well.

It's Valentine's Day week and much to the chagrin of McGee and Abby, the director sends McGee out of town on assignment. Fortunately the lovers don't let a small thing like that stop them from showing one another their love.

The story is fun, romantic, sweet, loving, tender and very much in character. You can clearly see and believe this is what they would do for one another. It's a feel good factor story that really should be read by anyone who even only likes Abby/McGee.

Abby was less than pleased with McGee being out of state, especially on the holiday. She was in a good mood otherwise, as Ducky brought her two dozen black roses (“One from me, my dear, and one from Jethro, who sends his regards.” The token of affection earned the Medical Examiner a sweet peck on the cheek and homemade chocolate). Even Palmer stopped by her lab to give her a Caf-Pow, which didn’t earn him any chocolate, but a hug and a smile.

The assignments were slow that day, allowing her to meander into her somewhat-neglected office. On the desk was a large crystal vase containing bright red and pink candies, with a bow of black ribbon, holding a note. She smiled inwardly and picked up the note, which read: “The number of candies in the vase will be the times I think about you over the next week. Happy Valentine’s Day. Love, Tim.

Four Times McGee Surprised Abby (And Two Times He Didn't)
Tags: fandom: ncis, lj comm : crack_van, pairing (het): abby/mcgee, recs, recs: ncis, recs: ncis crack_van 04

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