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Crack_Van Rec 10: Something To Talk About - Artyartie (PG)

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard
Length: 2,813
Author on LJ: artyartie
Author Website: None of which I am aware
Why this must be read:

Artie is another writer for whom this is her first (and thus far only *eyes Artie) Gibbs/Ducky story. It was written for the 2008 Gibbs/Ducky Yuletide Exchange and filled the 'wants' of another writer, which was: having the 'kids' be more perceptive about Gibbs and Ducky's relationship but pretend to be oblivious as not to 'waste' the two lovers efforts to keep things quiet.

However, Artie added a twist to that aspect - the kids are all keeping secrets from one another two.

It's set pre-season three, so we get to see Kate in this story, which is always nice. It's full of varying emotions and team spirit and caring for one another and for Gibbs and Ducky. It made me smile, laugh and sniffle - but in a a good way. The characterisation is good, the voices clear and we get to see Gibbs in full 'mother hen mode', something we get more than one hint of in the series - as far as Ducky is concerned.

It's an excellent read.

Tony couldn’t help the wry smile at Kate’s, innocent that she was, choice of words. “It’s that ‘I’m right and Tony’s wrong’ look you have – so cute except, well, you’re not right.” Tony popped another bite in his mouth and swallowed. “You saw the guy – a good whack to the head. Piece of cake. Ducky might have just gotten back from almost being sucked dry by the Addams family, but he’s still on his game. And the whole just being back? That’s why Gibbs is playing cuckoo clock with the elevator-“

“More like brooding hen,” Tim muttered, looking over his computer screen. “I mean, what could possibly happen to him in autopsy – owww!” Tim flailed at the double attack of Tony’s wadded up Chick-Fil-A wrapper and Kate’s empty coffee cup.

“Make sure you mention that to Gibbs, Probie. Make him even more paranoid.” Or something else, Tony thought, remembering the brief image of Ducky at Gibbs’ bedside, after the terrorist had shot the boss and Gerald and played hide-and-seek with Ducky and Kate. They were lost in a kiss and lost, thankfully, to the fact Tony had even set foot inside the room. It had knocked him sideways, seeing his boss and the older man, but if it made Gibbs happy – and kept him away from unsavory redheads – who was he to argue?

Something To Talk About
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