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Crack_Van Rec 9: Spilled Coffee - Gyoro & Lawpup (PG)

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Timothy McGee. Abigail Sciuto/Timothy McGee (past)
Length: 4,606
Authors on LJ: gyoro and lawpup
Author Website: Demon Cry
Why this must be read:

This co-written story is the first ever NCIS story the partners have written - and I truly hope it will not be the last. In fact the authors say they are working on part two, so . . .

Abby plays a vital role in this story as she is the person to talk to McGee about his growing feelings for Gibbs and then tackles Gibbs in a roundabout way about McGee. It is actually pre-slash and is a first-rate story. The authors capture the  characters and their voices and little habits perfectly - not just in the big things but in the little things as well.

You can hear the whole story as well as visualise it - you really could be watching an episode.

Now, gentlemen, about the sequel . . .

"Sorry," Abby smiled sheepishly. She took her Caf Pow from the computer station and walked to the other end of her office to take a much needed sip. She sighed contently, organizing her thoughts before turning back to face Gibbs who was watching her. "I know how you feel about office romances," she balanced her drink in one hand as she stepped a little closer to Gibbs, "but what if you love these two people and think they are perfect for each other? Like, they'd complete one another in a ying and yang kind of way."

"Trying to play matchmaker with someone, Abby?" Gibbs asked, and she noticed he was watching her a little more closely. She figured it was his Marine training kicking in over his NCIS training. If that was even possible.

"No. Well, maybe. It depends on the answer you give me." Abby said.

"Office romances complicate things, Abby." Gibbs sighed, and Abby took a sip of her Caf Pow as she listened. She made it clear with her silence that she wanted Gibbs to elaborate. "Look, when you have office romances work always comes into play. And when you have a job like this," he trailed off for a second before rubbing the back of his neck, "that could get someone killed and clouds judgments."

"I respect that and get that," Abby said with a slow nod as she turned back around and walked to her desk and took another sip of her Caf Pow, trying to come up with a counterattack to Gibbs' obviously superior NCIS training. She slightly rolled her eyes at that thought and turned back around to lean against her desk, "But what if they were made for each other and one of them wouldn't let it get in the way of the job?"

Gibbs sighed, "Then I guess, yeah, I wouldn't mind it. As long as they kept it job first and the romance second."

Abby gave a mental dance of triumph before sitting her Caf Pow down on her desk and crossed her arms over her chest. She fixed Gibbs with a hard, cold stare before tilting her head to the side. "What's your views on homosexuality?"

Spilled Coffee
Tags: fandom: ncis, lj comm : crack_van, pairing (slash): gibbs/mcgee, recs, recs: ncis, recs: ncis crack_van 04

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