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In December 2007, leda_speaks took over and re-built ncis_drabble. A few weeks later she decided, on a then 'trial period' to  opened up all past prompts to be available for writing at any time, rather than having occasional 'free weeks' when all past challenges were open for writing. At the end of that five week period she decided to make it a permanent thing.

When she did this I decided that I would aim to write at least one drabble for all the prompts I hadn't written (sixty one in total) and gradually over the months, as well as writing at least one drabble (or double drabble or triple drabble, stories between 100 - 300 words are permitted, but my stories have to be exactly 100 or 200 or 300 words) for each week, I've been drabbling away at the older ones. In fact as part of my Fannish New Year's Resolutions this year I resolved to write fifteen of the remaining ones I had left. I achieved that last month and decided to set myself an additional resolution: to write the remaining eighteen.

And over the Easter weekend I have done that thing (well fifteen of the eighteen, the other three were already written). It's not what I should have been writing, I should have been finishing my story for periwinkle27 and writing a birthday story, but J and I ended up with a nasty little bug of the sore throat, swollen glands (just me, but whenever I get anything buggy like it goes to my glands) and generally feeling 'urgh'. So instead I devoted my writing time to drabbling.

I hadn't posted them all yet, I still have eight plus this week's left to post, but plan to do so over the next few days or so.

And I am not alone in this 'mad idea', someone else (kaylashay) has already achieved this 'goal' and I believe at least one one other person (eyes ami_ven) might well be planning the same thing.

Drabbling really is addictive.
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