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NCIS - Latest from Ausiello

More spoilers for the upcoming next two episodes.

The whole article, which includes spoilers for other shows, is here.

Question: Seems like forever since Gibbs had a love interest on NCIS. Any scoop about that please? --Maya
Ausiello: There's a chance he'll see some action later this month when he travels out west to meet the crew of the NCIS spin-off. As exec producer Shane Brennan tells me, sparks will fly between Gibbs and Louise Lombard's character, Clara. "Gibbs and [Clara] have some past history that goes back a long, long way," he teases. "And quite clearly, Gibbs is not very keen to actually fly to Los Angeles and work with her -- particularly when she's given the lead on the case." Brennan adds that it's not immediately clear whether the baggage they share is romantic in nature, "but it is resolved over the two-part episode. The audience will find out exactly what it is, and I can guarantee no one is going to guess what the connection is."

*Rolls eyes* Why do they keeping thinking we are interested in a 'love interest'? Because we fans here of course make up such a tiny number of fans overall and non-fandom fans often (apparently) like to see their heroes/heroines have love interests.

So SB can guarantee no one will guess what the connection is, eh? Fighting talk.

The question is, is this 'won't guess' in fact the same 'won't guess' as the one we discussed here?

If so it seems to rule out the boat as being the 'big' secret :-(

So what do folk think?

- I'd say my guess would be Clara is Gibbs's first ex-wife. But that's so obvious, surely anyone would guess that?

- Or maybe Shannon's sister.

- Or maybe a sister/cousin of Diane, Stephanie or first ex-Mrs. Gibbs.

- An ex-flame from Stillwater, maybe.

- I suppose she could be the mysterious red-head. But as we know she was played by Mrs. DPB, but I guess that's possible.

Also apparently 'Clara' is blonde. So unless she has changed her hair colour . . .

Blonde pretty much rules out first ex-wife and mysterious red-head. But women change their hair colour, so it's still possible.


*Ponders further*

ETA *Bangs head on laptop* Duh! As becky_monster reminded me there is this (The Futon Critic) which appeared a while ago that basically contains huge spoilers about the entire two-parter, who goes where and also how Gibbs and Clara knew one another (assuming, of course, this is correct).
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