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A spoiler for NCIS's season finale

As seen on TV Guide Magazine

Spoilers are behind the cut.

Who’s going to die on the NCIS season finale? - Mark, Rochester, NY
All I could get out of the show’s Rocky Carroll (Leon) is that: “There may be some changes in location for some people on the show but that’s about all I can tell you now without getting in trouble with the producer.” No word if those changes in location will involve a cemetery.

Hmmmm. So the operative word here, to my mind, is 'may'. That does not imply that anyone will be leaving/dying/moving, only that someone may. And as anything 'may' happen, it could just be a nice way of getting folk to watch the show. Especially as MH has said that as far as he knows no one is leaving the show for the spin-off. But then I've always said in respect of his comment that he might be having to say that.

However, it does kind of throw it up in the air again.

Thoughts anyone?
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