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Gibbs/Ducky (NCIS) Stories - N-Z


638 Stories
26/26 Letters

035 Pre-Slash
100 First Time
503 Established Relationship

Never Again (A sequel to Memories Make Us What We Are). (Established Relationship).
Never Betray (Established Relationship).
Never Enough (Established Relationship).
Never Alone (Established Relationship)
Never Looked Back (First Time).
Never Too Old (Established Relationship).
Never Will Be (Established Relationship).
New Beginnings (First Time).
New Resolve (Established Relationship).
Nightmare (Established Relationship).
Night-Time Adventures (First Time).
Nine-Tenths Of The Law (Established Relationship).
No Chemistry (Established Relationship).
No Escape (Established Relationship).
No Longer Needed (A companion piece to: Still Waiting and Still Missing). (Established Relationship).
No More Secrets (Established Relationship).
No Names No Pack Drill (First Time).
No Regrets (Established Relationship).
No Strings (First Time).
Not A Chance (Pre-Slash).
Not As It Seemed (A sequel to Always Told Them). (Established Relationship).
Not Just A Kiss (Established Relationship).
Not The One (A crossover with Napoleon/Illya). (Established Relationship).
Not Just Another New Year's Eve (First Time).
Not Just Anyone (First Time).
Not Necessarily A Kink (Established Relationship).
Not Real (Established Relationship).
Not Set In Stone (Established Relationship).
Not So Black And White (Established Relationship).
Not Square (Established Relationship).
Not To Be Seen (Established Relationship).
Not Too Old To Dream (Pre-Slash).
Nothing He Cannot Do (Established Relationship).
Now And Forever (A sequel to Ducky's Dilemma and Gibbs's Gut). (First Time).
Now Is All That Matters (A sequel to Just A Game). (Established Relationship).
Now Or Never (A companion piece to: This Is It). (Established Relationship).

Oceans Apart (Established Relationship).
Oh, Dear (A companion piece to It It Was In His Voice). (Established Relationship).
Oh, Well (Established Relationship).
Old Friends And Lovers (Established Relationship).
Old School Tie (Established Relationship).
Older Not Dead (Established Relationship).
Once A Child (Established Relationship).
One Day (First Time).
One Shot (Established Relationship).
Our Brown Eyed Girl (A sequel to Black Does Not Become Him). (Established Relationship).
Out Of Time (First Time).
Over The Years (Established Relationship).

Paid In Full (Established Relationship).
Pain (Established Relationship).
Paris And Jenn Shepard (A companion piece to: As If It Were Yesterday). (Established Relationship).
Past, Present And Future (Established Relationship).
Perchance To Dream (Established Relationship).
Perfection (Established Relationship).
Pretty In Pink (Established Relationship).
Promises Kept (First Time).
Putting Others First (Established Relationship).

Questions For Charlie (Established Relationship).
Questions To Be Answered (Established Relationship).
Quietening The Storm (Established Relationship).
Quite Certain (A companion piece to It Was Over). (Established Relationship).
Quintessentially Scottish (Established Relationship).
Quite Provocative (First Time).

Realization (Pre-slash).
Reach Out And Touch (A sequel to What Happened Next). (Established Relationship).
Reason To Celebrate (Established Relationship).
Reason Why (Established Relationship).
Redolence (Established Relationship).
Remembering Paris (A companion piece to: As If It Were Yesterday, Paris And Jenn Shepard and Jenny's Revenge). (Established Relationship).
Regaining Control (Established Relationship)
Remember The Living As Well As The Fallen (Established Relationship).
Restraining Ducky (Established Relationship).
Retribution (Established Relationship).
Returned To Me (A sequel to Still Not Found). (Established Relationship).
Resurrection (Established Relationship).
Romance: Gibbs Style (First Time).

Saying Goodbye (Established Relationship).
Season Of Mists (Established Relationship).
Second Best (Established Relationship).
Self-Realization (Established Relationship).
Seeing Is Believing (A sequel to Case Closed). (First Time).
Seeing Red (Established Relationship).
Shaped By The Past (Established Relationship).
Shattered Illusions (Established Relationship).
Shopping Trips (First Time).
Silence Is Golden (Established Relationship).
Silver-Haired Fox (Established Relationship).
Simplicity (A sequel to: Back In Synch). (Established Relationship).
Sleeping (Established Relationship).
Some Hurts May Never Heal (Established Relationship).
Something In The Air (A companion piece to It Was In His Voice, Oh, Dear, Impossible and Will He Never Learn?). (Established Relationship).
Sometimes Love Is Not Enough (Established Relationship).
Sometimes You Hear The Bullet (Established Relationship).
So Natural (First Time).
Standards Matter (Established Relationship).
Starlight (Established Relationship).
Starting Anew (First Time).
Still Missing (A companion piece to: Still Waiting). (Established Relationship).
Still Not Found (Established Relationship).
Still Waiting (Established Relationship).
Story Of A Story (First Time).
Summer Heat (Established Relationship).
Summer Loving (Established Relationship).
Surprised (The fifth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
Suspicions Confirmed (Established Relationship).
Sweetie? (Established Relationship).
Syzygy (A companion piece to: Some Hurts May Never Heal). (Established Relationship).

Take A Chance (First Time).
Taking The First Step (Established Relationship).
Tears That Heal (Established Relationship).
Tell Me Again (Established Relationship).
Thanksgiving At Reston House (Established Relationship).
That's What I'll Do (The fifteenth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
The Art Of Prevarication (Established Relationship).
The Autumn Of Their Lives (Established Relationship).
The Best Birthday Gift Of All (First Time).
The Best Defense (First Time).
The Common Factor (Established Relationship).
The Definitive Christmas Gift (Established Relationship).
The End (Established Relationship).
The Final Journey (Established Relationship).
The Final Choice (A sequel to ashley_pitt's I Never Knew. (Pre-Slash).
The First Time (Established Relationship).
The Good Old British Compromise (Established Relationship).
The Greatest Gift Of All (Established Relationship).
The Green-Eyed Monster (Established Relationship).
The Happy Couple (Established Relationship).
The House Always Wins (Established Relationship).
The Ideal Date (Established Relationship).
The Last Day (The ninth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
The Last Time (A companion piece to Except Sometimes They Do). (Established Relationship).
The Lioness With Her Cub Syndrome (Established Relationship).
The Little Things (Established Relationship).
The One (Established Relationship).
The Past Is Never Just The Past (A crossover with Napoleon/Illya). (Established Relationship).
The Past Returns (Established Relationship).
The Right Decision (Established Relationship).
The Right Thing (Established Relationship).
The Right Thing To Do (Established Relationship).
The Right Move (Established Relationship).
The Rose (Established Relationship).
The Seduction Of Leroy Jethro Gibbs (First Time).
The Strange Behavior Of Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Established Relationship).
The Things Children Do (Established Relationship).
The Time Is Not Right (Pre-Slash).
The Time Was Right (A sequel to How?). (Established Relationship).
The Truth (Established Relationship).
The Truth Can Heal (A sequel to: Tough Love). (Established Relationship).
The Truth Will Out (Established Relationship).
The Ultimate Proof Of Love (Established Relationship).
The Wake Up Call (Established Relationship).
The Way He Is (Established Relationship).
The Windows Of The Soul (Established Relationship).
There Be No Dragons (The third story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).
There But For (Established Relationship).
They Love Me (Established Relationship).
They Shouldn't (Established Relationship).
They're Everything (The eighth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
Things Mama Told You (Established Relationship).
This Is It (A sequel to Enough Is Enough). (Established Relationship).
This Time (Established Relationship).
This Time It Was Over (Established Relationship).
Ties (First Time).
Ties That Bind (First Time).
Time Something Changed (Established Relationship).
Time Is Precious (Established Relationship).
Time To Celebrate (First Time).
Time To Forgive (Established Relationship).
Time To Say Goodbye (Established Relationship).
Time Will Tell (Established Relationship).
Tired Of Waiting (First Time).
Together (Established Relationship).
Tomorrow Is Another Day (Established Relationship)
To Err Is Human (A sequel to What Makes You Stay?). (Established Relationship).
To Those Who Wait (First Time).
Tomorrow Never Comes (First Time).
Too Deep For Tears (Established Relationship).
Too Different (Established Relationship).
Too Far? (Pre-Slash).
Too Much (Established Relationship).
Torn Between (Established Relationship).
Touching Base (Established Relationship).
Tough Love (A sequel to Some Hurts May Never Heal and Syzygy). (Established Relationship).
Trick Or Treat (Established Relationship).
Triumvirate (Established Relationship).
Truly Blessed (Established Relationship).
Trust (Established Relationship).
Truth And Confessions (First Time).
Truth In Gossip (Established Relationship).
'Twas The Night Before Christmas (First Time).
Twenty Questions (First Time).
Two Times Ducky Said No And One Time He Said Yes (Established Relationship).

Ultimatum (Established Relationship).
Unbecoming (Pre-Slash).
Under Oath (Established Relationship).
Undercover Operations (Established Relationship).
Unfair (Established Relationship).
Unsung Heroes (Established Relationship).
Understandable (Established Relationship).
Unusual Revelations (First Time)
Until It's Gone (Established Relationship).
Upon That Night (The fourth story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).

Vance's Fault (A sequel to Now You Do). (First Time).
Varying Degrees (The fifth story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).
Verification And Affirmation (Established Relationship).
Verifying What She Said (Established Relationship).
Vision Of The Future (Established Relationship).
Voice Across The Void (Established Relationship).

Waiting (A sequel to All Too Much and Lost). (Established Relationship).
Waiting For You (Established Relationship).
Wake Up Call (A sequel to Unbecoming). (Pre-Slash).
Warm You Up (A sequel to Found). (Established Relationship).
Was It Worth The Cost? (Established Relationship).
Watching (Established Relationship).
Watching Them ( A companion piece to: It Was Over and Quite Certain). (Established Relationship).
Well Schooled (Established Relationship).
We'll Sort It (Established Relationship).
Were You? (Pre-Slash).
What Do You Remember? (Established Relationship).
What Happened Next (Established Relationship).
What Have I Done? (The first part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
What Makes You Stay? (Established Relationship).
What Some People Do (Established Relationship).
What To Do (Established Relationship).
What Will Be Will Be (Established Relationship).
What's Up, Duck? (Established Relationship).
What They Don't Know" (Established Relationship).
When Blood Stops Flowing (Established Relationship).
When I Have You (Established Relationship).
Where Are You? (Established Relationship).
Where Is Ducky? (Established Relationship).
Where I've Always Wanted You (First time).
While I'm Gone (Established Relationship).
Who Needs Dreams? (Established Relationship).
Who'd Have Thought It? (First Time).
Why Didn't I Notice? (Pre-Slash)
Why Fight The Inevitable? (Established Relationship).
Why Not? (The first story in the Director Gibbs series). (Established Relationship).
Why Redheads ( Shaped By The Past). (Established Relationship).
Will He Never Learn? (A companion piece to It Was In His Voice, Oh, Dear and Impossible). (Established Relationship).
Will You? (A sequel to Last Christmas). (Established Relationship).
Winter, Candles And Night (Established Relationship).
Wisdom Of The Ages (Established Relationship).
With A Little Help From Our Friend (Established Relationship).
With My Eyes Open (First Time).
With Different Eyes (First Time).
With No One To Witness (Established Relationship).
With This Ring (Established Relationship).
Without You (Established Relationship).
Worries (Established Relationship).
Worth A Thousand Words (Established Relationship).
Would You Want Me To Have Been Illya? (Established Relationship).
Wouldn't Be Right (Established Relationship).

Xeno's Paradox (Established Relationship).

Years That Pass (First Time).
You Bastard (Established Relationship).
You Can Always Make Me Smile (A companion piece to Beloved). (Established Relationship).
You Can Go Home (Established Relationship).
You Chose Me (Established Relationship).
You Know It's Love (Established Relationship).
You Raise Me Up (Established Relationship).
You Saved My Life (Established Relationship).
You're Still The One (Established Relationship).
Your Precious Ducky (First Time).
Yuletide Celebrations (The sixth story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).

Zero To Sixty (First Time)
Ziva's Bakhira (Established Relationship).

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