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NCIS Season 06 - Spoilers

Not the big one that's going around, this snippet is new.

From EW.Com

The April 28 and May 5 episodes introduce Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, and the crew from next fall's NCIS spin-off, and resolve a mystery surrounding Gibbs (Mark Harmon). ''It goes right back to episode 1,'' says Brennan. ''I defy anyone to guess it.'' Them's fightin' words.

So any takers?

A mystery surrounding Gibbs than goes back to 'Yankee White'? Or does SB mean 'Ice Queen'?

Let the speculation begin.

Off the top of my head, without really thinking about  it:

If 'Yankee White':

- It can't be the mysterious redhead, I'm guessing - as that would be far too easy to guess.

- The reason why he didn't know Fornell when a few eps later they were clearly old friends and not that long after that we discover Fornell married Gibbs's second ex-wife? Maybe?? Again rather easy to guess.

- How he gets his boat out of the basement? Nah, too simple, I think.

If 'Ice Queen':

- The incident Gibbs witnessed as a kid, maybe?

- If they go back to JAG and include it as part of the 'real' series then they are in effect admitting they messed up their time-line with the whole 'how long as Gibbs been working for NCIS' as we had one date in JAG and another in YW. So . . . Maybe it's that (I jest).

But I have to say that for an avid fan none of these are 'unguessable' so . . .

I shall ponder some more.

If anyone wants to know the big one and hasn't heard about it yet - it's to do with DiNozzo/Ziva. Full details can be found here.
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