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Story Links - February 2009

Herewith links to my Februay 2009 stories.

PAIRING: Fraser/Vecchio

TITLE: X Means I Love You

SUMMARY: Set six months after Burning Down The House. Ray writes Benny a love letter.

TITLE: In Time

SUMMARY: A companion piece to X Means I Love You. Benny writes Ray a love letter.


TITLE: Underlying Order (Tom Morrow)

SUMMARY: Tom Morrow is in MTAC. All around him appears to be chaos, but he knows better.

TITLE: A Secret Kept (Abby)

SUMMARY: Abby has a secret.

TITLE: Thicker Than Water (McGee)

SUMMARY: Set after Twisted Sister. McGee is alone in his apartment with his thoughts.

TITLE: Drink Is Cheap In Mexico (Gibbs)

SUMMARY:  Gibbs is in Mexico trying to forget.

TITLE: Finger On The Trigger (Ziva)

SUMMARY:  Set during Kill Ari. Ziva waits.

PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky

TITLE: Inter-Agency Politics

SUMMARY: The second story in my 'Director Gibbs' series. This is a sequel to Why Not? A few months after Gibbs accepted the job of Director of NCIS invitations to a President dinner are issued - a dinner to which partners are also invited. Gibbs is determined he will take Ducky with him.

TITLE: Cold Sweat

SUMMARY:  Set after Stakeout. Ducky thinks about a comment Gibbs made and decides his old friend was correct.

TITLE: All Too Much

SUMMARY: Set during Deliverance. Ducky gets a phone call.


SUMMARY:  A sequel to All Too Much. Gibbs realizes Ducky is missing.

TITLE: Waiting

SUMMARY:  A sequel to All Too Much and Lost. Finally Ducky stops walking.

TITLE: Found

SUMMARY: A sequel to Lost and Waiting. Gibbs finds Ducky.

TITLE: Finally At Peace (Gibbs/Fornell & Gibbs/Ducky)

SUMMARY: Jethro gives his second closet friend what he has always wanted. But he had good reason to do so.

TITLE: Never Too Old

SUMMARY: Vance is unhappy about the relationship between Gibbs and Ducky and so sends Gibbs away on a six month assignment. Undeterred the lovers find a new way to keep in touch with one another.

TITLE: Warm You Up

SUMMARY: A sequel to Found. Gibbs gets Ducky home and is able to alleviate one of his worries.

FANDOM: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
PAIRING: Napoleon/Illya

TITLE: It Was Time

SUMMARY: Napoleon has a special Valentine's Day gift for Illya.



STORY LENGTHS: Between 100 - 5,903 words

Tags: character: abby sciuto, character: jethro gibbs, character: timothy mcgee, character: tom morrow, character: ziva david, fandom: due south, fandom: ncis, fandom: the man from u.n.c.l.e., general series: ncis, genre: gen, genre: slash, pairing (slash): fraser/vecchio, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky, pairing (slash): gibbs/fornell, pairing (slash): napoleon/illya

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