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Books read in February 2009

For what is the first month ever (since I started to keep a list) all the books read this month were first time reads and were all part of the series I started last month.


Gideon's Vote - J. J. Marric (aka John Creasey)
Gideon's Lot - J. J. Marric (aka John Creasey)
Gideon's Badge - J. J. Marric (aka John Creasey)
Gideon's Wrath - J. J. Marric (aka John Creasey)
Gideon's River - J. J. Marric (aka John Creasey)
Gideon's Power - J. J. Marric (aka John Creasey)
Gideon's Sport - J. J. Marric (aka John Creasey)
Gideon's Art - J. J. Marric (aka John Creasey)
Gideon's Men - J. J. Marric (aka John Creasey)


09 were first time reads

I continued my read of the Gideon books which during this month's read moved from the 1960s into the 1970s. The main character (not surprisingly) remains Commander George Gideon of Scotland Yard, known affectionately both to his face by his friends/equals and behind his back (if it can be behind his back given he knows about it) as Gee-Gee.

During these books Gideon was offered and finally turned down the position of Assistant Commissioner preferring to stay that one step closer to the actual day-to-day solving of crimes. He went to America, partly on business and partly for pleasure - thus Kate (his wife went with him). He had to face the difficult decision of telling his oldest and closest friend and thus far unofficial assistant that he wasn't the man for the job of the newly created Deputy Commander. He had to face Kate being ill. Plus the loss of his unborn first grandchild. And the fact that his deputy is in love with his youngest daughter.

He dealt with Church crimes; racial crimes and we returned, in several books, to a case that involved a man who had been wrongly imprisoned for the murder of his wife. Finally, thanks to Gideon being prepared to authorise someone to dig more deeply into the case, the real murderer is found and the man is released and can take back his three children.

The books this month all have a major theme, which ties in with the title, but there are still the day-to-day crimes, which are getting somewhat darker than in early books, to tie in with the way the world was changing. However, they are still very enjoyable, and the grit overly gritty. They continue to hold the attention, the characters are real and develop over the course of the books and they are honest - the police don't always win. And we continue to see Gideon at home as well as at work, and  we see how his children have, one by one, grown and by the final book I read this month only one daughter remains at home. And no one is perfect; they make mistakes, they do things they regret, all the characters are very human.

There are still about half a dozen plus books in the series to read and I'm really enjoying them.

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