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The things you do when you're bored and depressed

Less than a month ago I swore I'd never even get a LJ. Now I've gone and treated myself to a Christmas present - I've upgraded to a paid account (ho hum). Actually, I blame maubast :-)))) [You know I don't really, don't you, my friend].

Well it is Christmas Eve, I spent the morning catching up with my emails, I sent my story edits off a couple of days ago, none of the various stories I have started (no, I'm not saying how many) are 'talking' to me and I'm not in the mood to read, add boredom and depression to that and what's a girl to do? Spend money - I thought a paid account was cheaper than a visit to or any of the other on-line places that could happily sell me books or DVDs. And I rather liked the idea of having more icons and being able to have a customised mood theme. So I did it.

Impulsive is not a word usually associated with me. Oh, well..... I guess I can toddle off now and create a few more icons.
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