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Guess the OTP

Snaggled from honeybearbee

Pick up to fifteen OTPs. Describe them in fifteen words or fewer. Have your flist guess the OTP.

Some of these are going to be soooo obvious. However, a couple aren't even pairings I personally ship insofar as writing/reading, but they are pairings I see. And one breaks my definition of 'OTP' (bad Nikki) but it is a pairing I write.

01. We're numbers and names. Bodie/Doyle - The Professionals (lukadreaming & doylebaby)

02. Older not dead. Gibbs/Ducky - NCIS (domaris68 & sageharper)

03. Together they conquered the Cold War. Napoleon/Illya - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (sageharper)

04. Elemental attraction. Silver/Steel - Sapphire & Steel (sageharper)

05. Geeks unite. Abby/McGee - NCIS (domaris68 & sageharper)

06. From the wilderness to the city. Fraser/Vecchio - Due South (sageharper)

07. Her calling demanded she kill him, instead she loved him. Buffy/Angel - Buffyverse (sageharper)

08. He was everything she despised, but he won her over. Lynley/Havers - The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (doylebaby)

09. Love me, love my car. Starsky/Hutch - Starsky & Hutch (lukadreaming)

10. Who would expect gentlemen to turn to crime? Raffles/Bunny - Raffles The Amateur Cracksman (doylebaby)

11. In the heat, the dirt, the hell they found some happiness - but could it last? Hawkeye/BJ - M*A*S*H (sageharper)

12. Being the one who has to send your lover out to possibly die is hard. Neil/Willie - The Sandbaggers (doylebaby)

13. IDIC. Kirk/Spock - Star Trek: TOS (gilda_elise, starwatcher307 & lukadreaming)

14. He lied to her and let her go because he truly loved her. DiNozzo/Jeanne - NCIS (indyangel)

15. The diagnostic genius and the cancer specialist. House/Wilson - House, M.D. (domaris68 & sageharper)
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