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Taken from probodie

1. Number One OTP that is truly THE ONE TRUE PAIRING (withstanding the test of time and fandom whoring):

Although they aren't my fandom, this has to be, IMO, Kirk/Spock as they are the longest standing slash pairing. From my own pairings, I have to go for Napoleon/Illya, as they are the longest standing pairing of all those in which I am interested.

2. Your OTP today:

I'm not entirely certain what's meant by this question, as it could be interpreted several ways *g*. However, if I go by what pairing am I writing to most of at the moment it would be Gibbs/Ducky. Reading it would be Napoleon/Illya. List discussion would probably be Bodie/Doyle.

3. Baby’s first OTP:

Starsky & Hutch.

4. That Rare Pairing that you Love:


5. OTP that you’d go to bat for in Wank Situation:

Any of them: Bodie/Doyle, Napoleon/Illya, Gibbs/Ducky, Fraser/Vecchio.

6. Number One Anti-OTP, the pairing you hate with a fiery passion:

I can't say there's any that I feel that way about, as I have friends who like pairings that I don't, and whilst I might not see the pairings, I respect and care too much for my friends to say that I 'hate' their loves. But two pairings I just don't get are: Fraser/Kowalski and Gibbs/DiNozzo.

7. Character you pair off with almost anyone:

None of mine - otherwise they wouldn't be OTP :-) A character whom I think is eminently slashable, but I've never found anyone with whom to slash him is Julian Bashir from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

This is for rapid fire first OTP that comes to your head for each fandom, don't cheat!

Stargate: I don't see any pairing in this show slash or het
Atlantis: I've never seen it
Lost: I've never seen it
Star Trek: Kirk/Spock
Smallville: I've never seen it
Alias: I've never seen it
Farscape: I've never seen it
CSI: I've never seen it
Btvs: Buffy/Angel
AtS: Angel/Buffy (hey, she appears a few times *g*)
Roswell: I've never seen it
Without a Trace: I've never seen it
X-Files: I've never seen it
Star Wars: Original films, none. New films, I've never seen them
Tags: !memes/quizes, fandom: buffyverse, fandom: due south, fandom: ncis, fandom: the man from u.n.c.l.e., fandom: the professionals, media fandom : general
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