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Icon Meme

Snaggled from honeybearbee and melanieathene the latter who kindly gave me permission to copy her extra 'space' at the end so that the table was equal. Being the 'must have balance' person that I am although I did this meme a few days ago, I couldn't bring myself to post it as there wasn't an equal number of row and columns *b


Default Oldest Newest
Saddest Happiest Angriest
Cutest Sexiest Funniest
Fave Ship Fave Fandom Fave Animated
Best Quote Best Textless Best Stolen Idea
Use The Most Favourite Should Use More

How Many Icons Do You Have: 195
Out Of How Many Available Icons Spaces: 195
If You Could Buy Space For More, Would You: I most certainly would and without any hesitation at all!
Do Your Icons Make A Statement: Um, probably not. They depict my fandoms and non-fandom likes/loves - but I wouldn't call that a 'statement' as such.
What Fandom Do You Have The Most Icons Of: NCIS
And The Second Most: Fandom, Due South. But my second greatest 'group' of icons are non-fandom ones.
What Ship Do You Have The Most Icons Of: Gibbs/Ducky
Are Your Icons Made Mostly By Other People: It's virtually 50:50. But the vast majority of the really good ones are made by other people.
Do You Make Icons: Yes.
Are They Any Good: I have a few I'm really quite chuffed with. But mostly I wouldn't use 'good' as much as 'adequate' 'nice' 'okay'.
Animated Icons Are: Some are great and I really like them, but some make my eyes hurt and are irritating.

Coding can be found here
Tags: !memes/quizes, graphics: icons
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