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An End Of Year Round Up Of My Fannish New Year Resolutions (2008)

I started off with twelve resolutions and with one exception where I utterly and totally failed (to sort out my zine collection) I actually find that I have done pretty well.

There are a couple of resolutions where I only partly achieved my goal, but overall, yes . . . I think it has been a good year on the fulfilling front.

1.To write some longer Gibbs/Ducky stories.

Well I wrote:

A Reston House Christmas (19,094 words)
Old School Tie (22,730 words)
My Son's Boyfriend (45,205 words)
To Those Who Wait (125,381 words)

Partly achieved.
However, I still didn't do anywhere near as many as I'd hoped to do, so I'm a bit disappointed.

2. To write at least one non-drabble/double/triple/quadruple drabble for my other four main pairings:

Silver Steel

Fully achieved!

3. To try to write some longer het stories for:

- Abby/McGee Facts Of Life and Fifty Reasons For Loving were both over 1,000 words. I know that's not long, but my goal was over 1,000 words.
- Lynley Havers - Sadly not.

Half achieved.

4. To finish the following fanfic challenges:

20_1sttimes (Gibbs/Ducky) - 05 stories left to write Completed in June
fic_cd_mix (Gibbs/Ducky) - 07 stories left to write Completed in June
drabble123 (Abby/McGee) - 18 double drabbles left to write Completed in March
drabble123 (Bodie/Doyle) - 15 drabbles left to write Completed in March
drabble123 (Fraser/Vecchio) 14 - drabbles left to write Completed in March

Fully achieved!

5. To complete the alphabet meme for at least other pairings/categories:

Bodie/Doyle (1 letter - X - remaining). All done!
Fraser/Vecchio (6 letters (B, Q, R, V, X, Y, Z - remaining). Only one to go now.
Napoleon/Illya (4 letters (K, Q, R, V, Z - remaining). All done!
Silver/Steel (12 letters - (G, J, K, O, P Q, R, U, V, W, X, Z - remaining) Only four to go now.
Miscellaneous Gen Characters  (A, B, C, D E, G, H, J, K, L, M, O, P, Q, R, U, V, W, X, Y, Z now remaining)*
Miscellaneous Het Pairings  (C, D, E, I, J, K, O, P, Q, R, S, U, X, Z now remaining)*
Miscellaneous Slash Pairings ( (J, P, R, V, Z now remaining)*
NCIS General Series - (All letters remaining). All done!*

* I decided after all to break down the Misc pairings/characters into gen, het and slash, first of all when I started to expand my NCIS writing to include NCIS. However, once it became clear that NCIS was going to need a list of its own, I removed those stories but kept to the three new lists. When I did the original post I had a mere two letters (X and Z) left for the one list.

Fully achieved!
And given that NCIS was started and completed in 2008, I think I more than achieved this one.

6. To cross-post/link stories as I post them to my LJ as well as the relevant comm, rather than just do an end-of-month round-up.

Fully achieved!

7. To cross-post/link at least some of my Gibbs/Ducky stories to other relevant NCIS Comms.

Fully achieved!
I actually started mid-way through the year to cross-link all my NCIS stories to a couple of NCIS comms. Before that I had just cross-linked a few Gibbs/Ducky ones.

8. To continue to participate in ncis_flashfic fortnightly challenges.

Fully achieved!

9.To write at least one drabbles each month for:

a)ncis_drabble - This I more than achieved. In fact I wrote at least one each week.
b) tv_100 - I kind of lost my way in this one. I started well, but 'lost the plot' so to speak and didn't write any after the first couple of months of 2008. But I think I more than made up for it with the NCIS Drabble Comm

Half achieved.

10. To teach myself to use Paint Shop Pro.

To an extent I did this. I'm certainly doing more than merely 'tarting' up and have made some achievements - including producing our very own first home made Christmas card. But I still have a lot to learn.

Partly achieved.

11. To get the non-fiction part of my website updated and remove the 'This Page Is Under Construction' message.

I didn't achieve this. However, given that I re-built my website from scratch mid-way through the year with c.1,000 pages having to be linked, coded, etc. etc. I think I can be forgiven this one.

12. To go through my zine collection and decide what I really am not going to re-read.

I failed utterly and totally with this one *sigh*

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