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Books read in December 2008


Murder In The Title - Simon Brett
Remember Me Sophie Kinsella
Hounded To Death - Laurien Berenson
Not Dead Only Resting - Simon Brett
Dead Giveaway - Simon Brett
What Bloody Man Is This? - Simon Brett
A Series Of Murders - Simon Brett
Corporate Bodies - Simon Brett
A Reconstructed Corpse - Simon Brett
Sicken And So Die - Simon Brett
Dead Room Farce - Simon Brett
Wobble To Death - Peter Lovesey
The Detective Wore Silk Drawers - Peter Lovesey
BOLO #02: Gibbs/Ducky - published by Carriage House Press
Fit To Die - J. B. Stanley
Chilli Con Corpse - J. B. Stanley


04 were first time reads
12 were re-reads

The Simon Brett books continue the adventure of Charles Paris the not so good actor who enjoys a drink maybe a little too much, still loves the wife he walked out on many years ago but fears commitment with her again. A really good series; I've read it several times and still enjoy it.

Remember Me yet another really good book by Ms. Kinsella. She is, with one other exception, the only chic lit author I read and re-read. And this book was, as always, a really good read. One thing I like about her books is that she isn't afraid to say 'hey, it's okay not to be beautiful, have a brilliant career, run a home with four kids, etc. etc. etc. as long as you are happy'. In this book our 'heroine' wakes up in hospital to find four years have gone by of which she remembers nothing.

Four years ago she had an okay job, a good group of friends, wasn't the most attractive person but enjoyed life. Now she is beautiful (teeth straightened, etc). has a high powered job (which she knows nothing about) a superb husband (who ends up driving her mad - no leaving her briefcase in the hall), but she has lost her friends and is apparently 'the bitch from hell'. And on top of that there is a man around who keeps giving her hints of being more than just a passing acquaintance. She is certainly not happy, even though she has 'it all'. I'm not going to say how it works out, but it is a jolly good read.

Hounded To Death is the latest book in the 'Melanie Travis Mysteries' series. But for once it is not set in the usual setting of dog shows and school runs, etc. Instead Melanie, her aunt and her sister-in-law have gone away to a doggy conference - where dogs are not allowed! And of course there is a murder for them to solve. Even though this is the fifteenth book, they are still fresh and good reads.

The Peter Lovesey books are the first two books in the Sergeant Cribb series set in Victorian London. The first one involves a murder during a walk-athon, the second headless corpses who turn out to be pugilists (in the time following the ban of knuckle fighting). Cribb is an interesting character; very intelligent, sometimes not the kindest of men to his subordinates, or at least that's how they see it, but the chances of him ever rising above Sergeant are fairly remote (he might make Inspector). Not due to his intelligence or ability, he solves the crimes, but due to his class. It was very much the era where class mattered so much.

The Gibbs/Ducky BOLO zine. That says it all, does it not? I wanted a nice wallow, so I re-read it.

J. B. Stanley's books are the second and third in the 'Supper Club Mystery Series'. And the 'gang of five' call themselves 'Flab Five' - which sums it up. They are still working on their diets, sometimes they do really well, other times they fall right of the wagon. But they are there for one another to support and nurture and fall into murders which they solve ahead of the small town Sheriff and his deputies. It's a very quick and light read series, but again, a good one.
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