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Friday meme

From the altfriday5

1. How do you feel about winter?  Why?

I love it. It's my favourite season. I love the cold weather, the long dark nights, the fact you can pull the curtains mid-afternoon. I'm a cold weather person and always have been; I do not like the heat at all.

2. How about snow? Does it redeem an otherwise-gloomy season or just annoy you?

Firstly I do not see winter as a gloomy season at all - for me summer is the gloomy season - I see it as a wonderful season. I really like snow - although to be fair it has to be said that I love snow from my nice cosy sitting room. I've always liked it to look at, but when I was still working and driving I did not like driving in it.

3. How does winter effect you physically, emotionally, etc?  What do you do about that, if anything?

Physically in many ways it's easier than the summer as I'm less tired which means I don't get a lot of extra pain. Emotionally I'm generally a lot happier than in the summer. I get SADS in reverse to a lot of folk.

4. Do you celebrate $winterholiday(s)?  If so, which one(s)?  What do you like or dislike about them?

Christmas. I enjoy the whole thing, giving presents to people, decorating the house, having an Advent calendar (well obviously it's Lacey's . . .), the carols and Christmas songs, just the whole thing.

5. Do you have inherited or created winter traditions for holidays, foods, activities, etc?

We have ham for breakfast on Christmas Day, which was J's family tradition. And we open our presents on Christmas Day evening, which is our 'created' tradition. We used to go out with the Morris Men on Boxing Day, until it got too difficult for both of us. Other than these things, nope.
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