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New LJ Stuff

  • View Friends Page By Date

    For paid members (seen on paidmembers).

    If you've ever been away from LiveJournal for more than two weeks or you've missed more than 1,000 entries on your friends page, you might wonder what entries you've missed (those are the current limitations on friends pages).

    Paid Account holders can now view their friends list for a certain day by appending the date to the URL of their friends page: This will only show entries from those you currently list as friends, and will order the entries by server time.

  • The Profile Page

    Has apparently been updated (seen on news)

    As you're all aware, we rolled out a redesign of the Profile page several weeks ago. We reviewed and considered all your comments and feedback about the page and made some changes. A new version of the Profile page goes live today. Check out lj_design for the details. (I haven't looked at it properly as I've been using a nifty style sheet that had the links underlined and some nice white space around the edges, thus the stuff wasn't difficult to read, and it is still working, so I don't really know what the 'updated' looks like - will 'turn off' style sheet later or even use another browser).

  • New Bookmarklet Feature (seen on news)

    You know how sometimes you find stuff online that you want to share in your journal, but the effort involved, like opening a new tab or cutting and pasting, seems like too much of a hassle? LJ bookmarklet is a handy new application that lets you share web content in your journal without having to leave the site where you found it. All you have to do is add LJ bookmarklet to your Bookmarks list. When you find a link or article that you want to share, choose LJ bookmarklet and a pop-up update.bml form appears. The entry body will include the text or link that you want to share; you can add your own commentary or simply post the link. That's it. You can find the code for LJ bookmarklet here.
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