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I have it!!!!

Well I am now the proud owner of a motorised wheelchair!

This one is far more comfortable than the last one I tried, a bit more expensive but being comfortable is important, it was worth paying a bit more. Also you can adjust a lot more on this chair, so I should be able to get it just right.

So it means that I shall be able to go out to our local show this weekend with our visitors - something to which I am looking forward. Mind you I think I shall accompany J and Tansy on their walk tomorrow, so that I can get more used to it before I actually have to take it into crowds - who knows I may even dare to venture above speed 1 *g*

Family haven't arrived yet and we don't know what time they'll be coming. I'm one of these ultra-organised people and I like to know exactly when people are going to arrive, or at least to have some idea of it, even if it was morning, afternoon or early evening - that would be something. However, J's family are just about the opposite, which is more than a tad irritating. Yes, I know we're at home all day so in theory it doesn't matter what time they turn up, but it just stresses me out tremendously not knowing when they're likely to arrive. And even after nineteen years of marriage I still haven't quite managed to get this through to J ::sigh::, or rather persuade him to be a little more forceful when talking to family about arrival times, etc.

Still, I know in the great scheme of things this isn't really important - and I can't be unhappy now that I have something that will actually allow me to get out and about.
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