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I hate Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Actually, to be fair I don't normally hate Christmas, but at the moment I do! Or rather I hate people who think that closing at lunchtime on 23rd December is acceptable. Again, when I was able to work, I'd have finished for Christmas by now - but that doesn't mean that other people are allowed to [evil grin] Especially Solicitors!

We were expecting to exchange contracts yesterday or today on our farce that's been our so-called house move (Easter this started). However, (surprise, surprise) I've just had a call from our Solicitor and then our Estate Agent saying this can't now happen before Christmas! For once, it's not the fault of the buyer! He was all ready to go into his Solicitor with the Banker's Draft to pay the deposit this afternoon, only to discover that said Solicitor is closing TODAY at noon!!!!!!!!!!! And of course both sides are closed until 4th January!

Therefore, I am really fed-up. We've decided that we have to take the gamble that he isn't suddenly going to change his mind or vanish off the face of the earth between now and 4th January, and stick with our plans.

I need something or someone to cheer me up! Please. I need to somehow get into the Christmas spirit (I'd like to do it literally, but am unable to have a drink due to the medication I'm on).
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