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Books read in November 2008


A Comedian Dies - Simon Brett
The Dead Side Of The Mike - Simon Brett
T Is For Trespass - Sue Grafton
Situation Tragedy - Simon Brett
Secret Agent Men 11 - Published by Bast of Requiem Press
Knitting Bones - Monica Ferris
Murder Is Binding - Lorna Barrett
The Village Green Affair - Rebecca Shaw
Murder Unprompted - Simon Brett


05 were first time reads
04 were re-reads

The Simon Brett books continue the adventure of Charles Paris the not so good actor who enjoys a drink maybe a little too much, still loves the wife he walked out on many years ago but fears commitment with her again. He is better at detecting than most things he does in life, although in Murder Unprompted due to various circumstances, he actually ends up playing the lead and virtually giving up drinking. A really good series; I've read it several times and still enjoy it.

T Is For Trespass is the latest in the 'Alphabet Series' of murders. Quite often as series go on and on, I find that the books begin to lose their edge, the plots become the same, the characters are more wooden and although enjoyable still you think 'hmm, you know you should have stopped a few books ago'. I did enjoy the last few in the series, but not as much as some of the earlier books, so I was wondering about this one. Well this book surprised, it's probably the best one in the series. This one is about a woman who goes through life stealing identities and in her current one she becomes a carer for a neighbour of Kinsey's and sets about stealing everything he has and also drugging him so that he doesn't know what is going on and she has done with with other elderly people, and has killed. It really is a very gripping storyline and a very good read.

Secret Agent Men 11 is the latest The Professionals zine and as always was a very nice read. The highlight of the zine has to be Lizzie's final part of 'The Cornish Ghosts', a really lovely ending to an extremely good and gripping story.

Knitting Bones is the latest book in the series of Craft Shop mysteries and this time there's a slight difference as Betsy, the 'detective' has a broken leg and is unable to get out and do the investigating herself, so she has to rely on her gay assistant to do all the leg work and report back to her. The whole series reads well, is a nice quick, feel good factor read.

The Village Green Affair is another 'latest in the series' books about a village called Turnham Malpas where anything can happen - and does! There is humour and drama in the books, we keep meeting the same characters throughout the series and sometimes one character/family will have a prominent role and in another book they'll be bit players. And the books also bring in new characters. Again a nice gentle read about very real characters.

Murder Is Binding is the first book in a new series of mysteries set in a small town in America which is devoted to book shops. It's a cosy mystery with a mystery bookseller amateur detectives and a book at the heart of the mystery. The town is the safest in the state until one night the woman who runs the cookery book shop is murdered. Suspicion falls on Tricia, the mystery bookseller, and so she ends up, aided by her sister who turns up out of blue, investigating and solving the case and clearing her name. There are several twists throughout the book and it's a nice, light, cosy read. I look forward to delving into the rest of the series.
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