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Follow up on the profile page post

I thought this warranted a new post rather than an ETA.

I don't know how much good it will do (if any) but a new Comm has been set up with the single aim to petition LJ - politely - to either turn off the new profile page or give us that chance to opt out.

It's changeitback and it seems pretty darn organised already.

As I said how much good it will do, I don't know. But given the huge outcry (and I suspect that had LJ not asked and pushed so much for feedback and then blatantly ignored us, the outcry might not be so big) I wouldn't be surprised if suddenly they found a way to make it opt-out.

I commented on the main 'here it is' post in depth and it was driven by gregorykennedy (who pushed it out) saying:

For users that have been with LiveJournal for a long time, it may be hard to understand why we continue to evolve the user interface design.

No. What is hard to understand is that you ask us for our comments and suggestions, you say you really, really, really want our input. We give it and . . . It doesn't suit what you have decided so you ignore us.

That is what is hard to explain. That is far, far, far harder to understand than the fact that you want to do it.

Quit asking us, quit letting us think you want our input. Because you don't - and I get that, really I do. At the end of the day if you want to change something you will. Fine. But please for our sakes and yours (given the back-lash and fall out you have got on this post and at least two others you must be a tad over-whelmed) stop asking for our opinions. Unless you really mean to take them.

All along you were told that the new profile page isn't liked, didn't look good or professional, people didn't want things moved about, the famous 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' and the profile page wasn't 'broke', etc. etc. etc. You were told that by the vast majority of people who commented. But . . . You still go ahead and roll it out.

Can you not understand why people are so mad at you? Can you not see that by asking us you made us believe you wanted our opinions and then to totally and utterly ignore us, well . . . People are going to be mega peeved - and they are. Folk would rather not be asked, rather than asked then totally ignored.

I really, really advise (not that you'll listen) that you find a way to give us an opt out; thousands of users can't be ignored - well they shouldn't be.

But that is what we cannot understand - not the change, but you asking and then blatantly ignoring us.

Shame on you, LJ.
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