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Heads up for people who never log out of LJ - and other news

LJ has implemented its latest new 'feature'.

This one enables people to search for you by your primary email address.

When I logged in this morning I got told about this as a pop-up box and offered three choices:

- Yes
- Yes but hide my username
- No

I don't know if people who don't ever or rarely log out will see it, hence I thought I'd give you the heads up.

And . . . And . . . And . . .

Of course they have also implemented their new 'shiny' *!*!*!*!*! profile page - which I hate and which many, many, many people who beta tested it hated. And endless people said this to LJ, but of course they didn't listen (why ask us for our opinions, LJ, you don't really want them?). People have also asked for an opt-out, make that 'begged', like they did with the older site schemes, i.e. we can keep the old profile page.

With so much that they could do, with so many tweaks they could make (like whatever causes your icons to go hinky at times and weird ones, which aren't yours, pop up) they 'fix' something that isn't broken.

Sorry to those who like the 'new improved' version. I hate it! Oh, and Comms have one too!

If anyone is interested in the fall-out for this, along with LJ's 'explanation' as to why an opt-out isn't possible go here. But settle in for a long read as it's up to 40 pages in comments already. I haven't read them all, but from a quick glance 95%+ are negative. I have seen a couple of positive, a couple of 'okay, but this needs tweaking', but mostly it's negative - and in some cases nastily so (which I don't feel helps anyone). And yet more here and here (this one has over 80 pages of comments). It's like watching a train wreck.

And another 'improvement' they've also tweaked the 'approve membership of your Comm'. And this 'improvement' is to remove the 'approve' from the email they send you. Nice!

And with LJ's wonderful timing they are also announcing their permanent account sale.

Accounts will be sold between 20th and 26th November and will cost $175 (an increase in $25.00 since the last two sales). And $25.00 of the $175 will go to charity.
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