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Pimping a new LJ Community

Do you have a rare pairing in which you are interested in talking about? Writing fiction about? Posting picture of? Squeeing about?

If so, then you might care to join a new community that a friend and I have set up.

Minority Pairings Community

The community is what it says: a community for minority pairings. I know that some folk have had bad experiences on some communities (and mailing lists), where they have posted fanfic that doesn't conform to the main pairing, or indeed (more often) feel uncomfortable posting such a story. Also, that some people just don't know where they can post to. So I thought I'd give this a go to see if there is any interest.

It's slash and het friendly, and is open to any minority pairing anyone might like to suggest. I've listed a few to start with (including my own beloved Gibbs/Ducky), but am open to all suggestions - polite ones, please *g*. My friend and I don't have to personally like/see the pairing in question for it to be added here. It's open to all. And there can be more than one minority pairing per fandom (we have Ducky/Abby as well as Gibbs/Ducky).

There aren't any postings yet, as we've only just got our heads round it, plus we don't want to just talk to one another - as good friends as we are :-)

Please feel free to pimp this to anyone else you feel might have an interest in such a community.
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