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Army Personnel now for sale

This will certainly appeal to periwinkle27 and other people with a love of grammar.

With so much doom and gloom in the news these days, it is rather nice when you hear something that makes you chuckle.

This was the case this morning as I was listening to Classic FM's 'news on the hour'. After the usual stock market and other depressing pieces, came a teeny shining light when the newsman announced: 'Top Army Chief bought in to top job'.

Now I wonder just from where he was bought? Harrods? Selfridges? Sainsburys? Marks & Spencers? Or a little chic boutique catering very much for the 'person who has everything'? The possibilities are endless.

So when you next go shopping, look out for the Special Offer: 'Buy one Army Colonel get a Sergeant free'.
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