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Okay - let the speculation begin

On (thanks to becky_monster and plutos_revenge for the head's up) there is a section called:

'NCIS': Exec Producer Shares His Cast Dossier where we have titbits about the forthcoming season and some very droolable pictures!

Trust me the pictures are worth looking at, but here is the 'blurb' for each cast member:

According to Brennan, ''for Gibbs, the return of his team is like a homecoming, but the real homecoming occurs when Gibbs goes back to his hometown and is reunited with his father in an upcoming episode that promises to be as emotional as it is revealing.''

''With a long career in forensic medicine, the venerable Dr. 'Ducky' Mallard has seen everything, but there is something in his past he'd prefer to forget,'' says Brennan. ''And in an upcoming episode, Ducky's shocking and emotional secret will leave fans stunned.''

''Fresh from his tour of the sub-basement, McGee is pleased to be back with the team,'' says Brennan. ''But in an upcoming episode he faces the biggest challenge of his career when he is taken hostage.''

'With her three musketeers reunited, Abby has something to sing about,'' says Brennan. ''Get ready for a surprise in the coming season that will delight fans of the world's most loved forensic scientist.''

'DiNozzo's curiosity about how Ziva spent her four months away from the team will lead to some surprising revelations as the season unfolds,'' says Brennan.

Says Brennan: ''As hinted in last night's episode, Ziva's four months in Israel may not have just been undercover work. We met her father, Ari David, the director of Israel's Mossad, but who is the mysterious Michael Rivkin?''

''The enigmatic new director has already gone toe-to-toe with Gibbs,'' says Brennan. ''But can Gibbs really trust him? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? And what was the significance of the document he shredded?''

  • The Gibbs and his father thing I'd already come across (avoids going into one of her inconsistency rants and tries to believe that it was just Gibbs lying because he was talking to the Mob at the time. *Fails* Okay, it's an inconsistency - had this been the first one I'd have gone for the 'deliberate lie' but as there have been so many it'll take a lot to persuade me but I won't rant any more).. We'll see how well they handle that one.

  • The big one (for me) is Ducky's! What can it be? I take the 'leave fans stunned' with a pinch of salt, as they've said that many times before and all too often stunned or shocked isn't the reaction. As plutos_revenge said they've done the dead wife and daughter with Gibbs (Besides Ducky's gay - okay, he is in my universe and I saw him that way long before I started shipping Gibbs/Ducky!). I honestly cannot believe they are going to pull some sort of 'Ducky was a spy' besides I don't think that would be all that emotional.

    I'm wondering if he has in fact been responsible for the death of someone? A patient maybe?

    (I have a WIP whereby we learn just what Ducky did before he became an ME - and remember he's only been one for 25 years (Faking It - 2006); he would have qualified as a Doctor before that - whereby he did in fact kill a patient by trying some new procedure. He was a surgeon and things went wrong, so he decided he didn't want to risk it again so turned his attention to the dead - Aingeal, remember I mentioned this to you?)

    So that's my take on it; something went wrong with a patient and he changed from surgeon to ME.

    And it does seem to imply we'll get a Ducky-centric episode, which would be wonderful.

  • McGee as hostage - now that sounds good to me.

  • Is Abby going to sing for us? Her and Ziva do a duet???

  • As for Ziva, was the man in her father's office her lover rather than, as I'd assumed, someone her father appointed to keep an eye on her after the night-club bombing? Or if not 'lover' then someone about whom she cared? We do know from Agent Afloat that it appears she did not actually wish to return to DC. And is DiNozzo's curiosity going to lead to something more? 

  • Vance - I still maintain is a baddie. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out and just how many times he and Gibbs go 'toe-to-toe'.

    I must say these are quite intriguing snippets - I only hope they live up to speculation (but do these things ever?)
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