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Crack_Van Rec 7: Toll By Dragonessasmith (PG)

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: None - Gen (Gibbs&Fornell)
Characters: Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tobias Fornell
Length: 985.
Author on LJ: dragonessasmith
Warning: Character death.
Author Website: Smithyfic

Why this must be read:

Tobias Fornell is one of my favourite NCIS characters and I wish that we saw more of him. I always enjoy seeing the 'love-hate' relationship between he and Gibbs and the way that they argue and bitch at one another, act as almost enemies in front of their respective teams, but when they are alone, even with the hard edge they adopt at times, their friendship is clear, deep and obvious. Fornell is clearly Gibbs's second closest friend.

This story deals with their friendship and shows just how deep it is, just how much they care about one another, and how much they trust one another. Fornell is dead, and he has left Gibbs with the ultimate 'gift', and he returns to tell Gibbs why he did it.

It's fairly short, fewer than 1,000 words, but the author packs so many different emotions into those few words, that it feels longer in the intensity. It's tangible, it reaches out and grabs you and you know just what Gibbs is feeling, you are feeling it with him, and one of the major emotions, as all so often happens when we lose a person beloved to us, be it friend or lover, is anger: Gibbs's anger at Fornell for dying.

I know it's another death story (sorry) but it touched me so deeply that I had to recommend it.

The light bulb had burnt out days ago, but it wasn’t like he needed the light to get around. He knew the basement like the back of his hand, and it probably helped that he was still on autopilot, had been since the service and the reading and the-

He should be angry.

That’s the thought that keeps running through his head. He should be angry; Tobias had never discussed, never made any mention of any of this before-but he wasn’t. He could barely muster any feelings towards anything, and he hated that most of all. The apathy towards the entire situation left him feeling unnerved, restless, left him reaching around the paint thinner, fingers closing around the familiar bottle. He barely noticed the thin layer of dust that had settled over it until he was slammed with the memory of the last time he’d touched it, the last time Fornell had been over, almost a year ago.

“Speak of the Devil…” Gibbs muttered, feeling a presence at his six.

“…and he shall appear.”

Tags: fandom: ncis, lj comm : crack_van, pairing (gen): gibbs & fornell

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