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Crack_Van Rec 6: The Black Truck Series by Ashley Pitt (PG)

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard
Length: Overall 3,644 spread across five parts
Author on LJ: ashley_pitt
Author Website: None of which I am aware

Why this must be read:

Ashley's The Black Truck series is an AU story and the vast majority of it (the first four parts) are pre-slash. Gibbs is a carpenter and he and Ducky meet when Ducky needs some work doing on his Reston home. There is instant attraction between the men, but Ducky, who is gay, is convinced that Gibbs has no interest in men other than friendship - and the two men do quickly become friends and eventually more.

Ashley always writes the men very much as two men in love, who like one another, respect one another, have a deep and lasting affection for one another, who are one another's other halves. And she does this whether she is writing pre-slash, slash or gen. And the stories in the series are no exception. We also meet a few other canon NCIS character - Abby, Fornell and Ducky's mother - and like the AU Gibbs and Ducky, they are very much in character with the characters we see on the show.

It's an excellent AU series, one of the best I have read and as such I felt it worthy of being recc'd.

“Duckman! Where are you?’ The guests had started to arrive and Ducky could see Abby leading a group to the backyard.

Introductions were made all around. And the party swung into gear.

After about an hour Jethro came up to Ducky and said, “I will get the fire going and we can probably start eating in about twenty minutes if that seems okay”

Ducky nodded and watched him move easily through the crowd to the grill.

A short time later, Abby sidled up close to the ME and asked,” Who is that gorgeous hunk, Ducky?”

“He is the carpenter who built the Gazebo.”


And since it is his birthday, I thought he should have a party.”


“Abigail, if you are wondering by that and, if anything is going on between us, no he is straight. He had a wife and child whom he loved dearly. Unfortunately they died ten years ago”

“Duckman, that is not logical. If he really is straight, he should have been captured by any breathing female in the DC area by now…”

Ducky looked up to see that Jethro was signaling that the ribs were ready. “I am so sorry my dear to cut you off, but could you help me set out the food?”

The Black Truck
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Tags: fandom: ncis, lj comm : crack_van, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky

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