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Crack_Van Rec 4: Tea And Company by Periwinkle (PG-13)

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing:The majority of this story is Donald 'Ducky' Mallard & Abigail Sciuto (gen). But there is also a side order of Jimmy Palmer/Michelle Lee (het).
Length: 2,684
Author on LJ: periwinkle27
Author Website: Periwinkle's Fan Fiction

Why this must be read:

A lot of people will know Periwinkle firstly and foremostly as a top-rate beta reader, but she is also a writer - and a very good one at that. Normally Periwinkle writes slash (Gibbs/Ducky) in NCIS, but this time she has written an excellent story that is mainly gen with a bit of het towards the end.

Ducky and Abby are two of my favourite characters, and are part of my two OTPs, so it was a mixture that I hoped would produce a jolly good story. Periwinkle did not disappoint. Abby and Ducky are both working late one evening and neither are willing to go home, just in case Gibbs needs either of them. Ducky persuades Abby to go out for a late supper with him and the scene is a lovely one, fully of deep friendship and affection and contains gentle humour and excellent banter between two people who not only like one another but respect one another too.

They then return to the office for a cup of tea, but things do not quite go as expected and discoveries are made.

It's well written, has excellent characterisation, shows deep friendship, is based fully on canon and is clear to hear and see. And Periwinkle definitely knows when 'less is more'. I know for a fact that Periwinkle struggled with the prompt she was given and at times was less than happy with the story. But for me it is one of her top stories - it really is well worth reading.

Abby breezed into Autopsy and went straight to the tea things, not bothering to look around. She picked up the teakettle, then as she started to turn to go for water she heard a scrambling noise which ended with a sudden bump. It sounded as if the creature making the noise had run into something. She froze. Did the building have mice? Very large mice? Or was someone hiding in the room? Her hand tightened on the item in her hand, preparing to use it as a weapon if necessary although she would hate to spoil the M.E.'s precious kettle.

The noise came again. It sounded almost like someone scurrying along the floor. As she listened, she realized that it came from behind one of the autopsy tables. Feeling braver as she realized that whomever it was was more interested in leaving than in attacking her, she started towards the table, still clutching the kettle.

She raised the kettle up towards her head. “Who’s there? Come out and show yourself.” She tried to put as much authority into her voice as possible but she could tell there was a tremble in her tone.

Tea And Company (note this is an off-LJ link).

Should you wish to leave feedback for Periwinkle on this story you can do so here.
Tags: fandom: ncis, lj comm : crack_van, pairing (gen): ducky & abby, pairing (het): jimmy/michelle

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