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Story Links - August 2008

Herewith links to my August 2008 stories. Quite a fic-heavy month, but fifteen of these were written for the Alphabet Meme.

FANDOM: Due South
PAIRING: Fraser/Vecchio

TITLE: Time And Tide

SUMMARY: Ray has something he wants to say to Benny.

TITLE: Crossing Lines

SUMMARY: Fraser never thought the day would come when he did what he did.

TITLE: Making The First Move

SUMMARY: Ray notices something odd about Benny and acts on it.


TITLE: Second Guessing

SUMMARY: DiNozzo and Ziva try to work out why Abby is so happy.

TITLE: Until You'd Gone

SUMMARY: Tim dreams about Abby.


TITLE: Never The Twain (Kate-centric gen)

SUMMARY:  Set during Reveille. Kate 'profiles' Gibbs and herself when she looks at her feelings towards Ari.

TITLE: Where Is Home? (Ziva-centric gen)

SUMMARY:  Set after Judgment Day. Ziva tries to come to terms with what Vance told her.

TITLE: My Children (Ducky-centric gen)

SUMMARY: Ducky talks about his boys and girls.

TITLE: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow (Jenny/Ziva)

SUMMARY: Jenny and Ziva end their relationship.

TITLE: Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DiNozzo/Maddie)

SUMMARY: Abby, McGee and Ziva are talking about DiNozzo.

TITLE: Cautions Not Taken (Fornell-centric gen)

SUMMARY: Fornell is forced to admit Gibbs had warned him about Diane.

TITLE: One Hundred Things (Jenny-centric gen)

SUMMARY: Set at the beginning of Judgment Day. Jenny is about to leave DC.

TITLE: Zero Hour (Jenny/Ziva)

SUMMARY: Set during Judgment Day. Jenny really only has one regret in her life.

TITLE: Emily (Fornell-centric gen)

SUMMARY: Set after Escaped. Fornell is watching his daughter sleep.

TITLE: Desperate Times  (Fornell-centric gen)

SUMMARY: Set during The Bone Yard. Fornell is reflecting on his situation.

TITLE: An FBI Agent (Fornell-centric gen)

SUMMARY: Fornell muses on what made and what has kept him an FBI agent.

TITLE: Running Out Of Time (DiNozzo/Maddie)

SUMMARY:  Tony is trying to find the perfect gift for Maddie's birthday, but time is running out.

TITLE: Just An Ordinary Day (DiNozzo/Maddie)

SUMMARY:  Maddie asks Tony to tell her about his day.

TITLE: The Wind In Her Hair (DiNozzo/Maddie)

SUMMARY:  Tony and Maddie go for a walk.

TITLE: Technologically Challenged (Gibbs & McGee)

SUMMARY: Gibbs needs to buy something and turns to McGee for help.

TITLE: In His Dreams (DiNozzo/Maddie)

SUMMARY: Tony dreams of Maddie.

TITLE: All She Has Left (Ziva-centric gen)

SUMMARY:  Ziva has only one physical reminder of Ari.

TITLE: What's In A Name? (DiNozzo-centric gen)

SUMMARY: Tony looks something up on the Internet.

TITLE: Just Her Dreams (Jenny/Ziva)

SUMMARY: Jenny dreams of what she'd like to say to Ziva.

TITLE: Rationalization (DiNozzo/Ziva)

SUMMARY: Ziva dreams about Tony.

TITLE: Lines That Are Thin (Jimmy-centric gen)

SUMMARY: Jimmy muses about himself.

TITLE: Scuttlebutt

SUMMARY: Ducky talks about scuttlebutt.

PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky

TITLE: With No One To Witness

SUMMARY: No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

TITLE: Fools Rush In

SUMMARY: Set after Enigma. Ducky goes to confront Gibbs over his actions.

TITLE: Story Of A Story

SUMMARY: Something in one of Ducky's stories rings a bell with Gibbs. Never one to let 'sleeping dogs lie', he investigates and finds a surprise in his old friend's past.

TITLE: A Helping Hand

SUMMARY: Gibbs doesn't listen to gossip – until one day.

TITLE: Truth In Gossip

SUMMARY: Gibbs and Ducky make a decision.

TITLE: Full Circle

SUMMARY: It is Mrs. Mallard's one hundredth birthday and she decides it is time to have her say.

PAIRING: Starsky/Hutch

TITLE: Finding Peace

SUMMARY: Starsky knows where his future lies.


TITLE: Getting It Right

SUMMARY: Tommy thinks about his past and his present.
Tags: character: anthony dinozzo, character: ducky mallard, character: jenny shepard, character: jimmy palmer, character: kate todd, character: tobias fornell, character: ziva david, fandom: due south, fandom: inspector lynley, fandom: ncis, fandom: starsky & hutch, general series: ncis, pairing (gen): gibbs & mcgee, pairing (het): abby/mcgee, pairing (het): dinozzo/maddie, pairing (het): dinozzo/ziva, pairing (het): lynley/havers, pairing (slash): fraser/vecchio, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky, pairing (slash): jenny/ziva, pairing (slash): starsky/hutch

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