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Crack_Van Rec 1: Unwind by Adrianna Coylho (NC-17)

I'm driving the NCIS crack_van van again this month and this time I've branching out a tad, so rather than the usual 10-12 Gibbs/Ducky stories with the odd Abby/McGee one thrown in, there will be more diversity. I'm going to cross-post the recs here and the stories I recommend will all be favourite stories of mine, because for me a story worthy or recommending is a story that I personally thoroughly enjoy.

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard
Length: 1,986
Author on LJ: adriannacoylho
Author Website: None of which I am aware

Why this must be read:

Adrianna is a relatively new NCIS writer, but she already has displayed both quality and quantity - and I for one am hoping she's around for a long time to come.

Unwind is, what is fairly rare for a Gibbs/Ducky story, rated NC-17, but don't let the rating make you think it is purely about sex. It isn't. It is a very hot story, most of which takes place in a bath tub in Ducky's hotel room after Gibbs turns up to surprise him at a Medical Examiners' conference and in more ways than one takes away Ducky's aches and pains.

However, what is far more important than just hot sex is the tenderness, the deep love and affection that matters so much to both men. It's a very intimate story, and as with all of Adrianna's stories it is a love story between two men who might be older, but who most certainly aren't dead, and whose deep friendship, respect, love and affection for one another is clear in every word.

Adrianna takes the characters we see on the screen and portrays them extremely well; she keeps them in character, shows us their deep friendship, their banter they so often share, the touches of humour, the deep caring and simply adds lovemaking to the mix. We might never have seen them like this on the show, but this could so very easily be them. Nothing jars in the story, it simply flows perfectly and the whole story is so very easy to visualise ::coughs::

Ducky groaned aloud as he gave up waiting for the elevator. Today had most definitely been the worst day of the conference, as far as his legs and back were concerned. Hours at a time in cramped, hard… well chairs, if you could really call them that, had been followed by hours of having his ear chewed off by an overenthusiastic ME from Missouri. Ducky hadn’t the heart to cut him short, he’d listened to him often enough at these things. Having been cornered by the ME and lost the opportunity to stretch his legs effectively Ducky had spent the following torturous minutes trying not to shuffle and fidget too overtly. Give him a long day in autopsy any day.

Mindfully blocking out the complaint of his legs and back as he climbed the stairs, Ducky was grateful at least that this way he was unlikely to bump into anyone en-route to his room. Reaching his door, he quickly and furtively unlocked it and slipped inside. Shutting it behind him he rested back against it for a second and let his eyes close. The last time he had leant against a door like this, Jethro had had his lips to his and his hands had been wandering deliciously. They had been together only a few weeks; they were still learning – and surprising each other.

His bad leg complaining louder, Ducky reluctantly pushed away from the door and his daydreams, wishing Jethro were here with him now. Not that he’d be up to much, but it would have been nice just to lay in his arms. Ah well, he could call him later at least. As he moved across the room he noticed the bed had been re-made and his pyjamas laid out neatly on top.

“Hmm, at least the service is good.” He smiled to himself as he spoke aloud; he didn’t have the excuse of the deceased to talk to here, good job nobody could hear him.

He jumped as strong, robed arms wound round him. “Calling me a maid now Duck?”

Tags: fandom: ncis, lj comm : crack_van, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky

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