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First lines meme

Because this looked like fun.

Snaggled from lukadreaming and starwatcher307.

Post the first line from your 25 most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

1. Tony waited until Gibbs muttered something about going to see Ducky and Abby, before turning his attention his computer. (What's In A Name?)

2. He gave it to her when they were children and she has kept it with her ever since. (All She Has Left)

3. As closets had defined so much of their relationship, Ray decided it would be the ideal place to propose to Benny. And in theory it was.(Time And Tide)

4. Fraser stared in horror and shock at the gun in his hand. (Crossing Lines)

5. "And so Ma said -" Ray came to an abrupt halt and just stared at Benny. Surely he hadn't seen what he thought he'd seen. No, of course he hadn't. It was just a trick of the light or something. (Making The First Move)

6. He dreams they are back together. (Until You'd Gone)

7. Terry's death sounded a death knell in Starsky. (Finding Peace)

8. In his dreams he wasn't on board the USS Ronald Regan. (In His Dreams)

9. Gibbs arrived at the office to find the only member of his field team present was McGee. That suited him and his needs perfectly. (Technologically Challenged

10. Tony glanced at his watch as he turned down another street; it was getting late. If he didn't start heading back to the office inside ten minutes he'd be late – for the third day running – and Gibbs would not be pleased, and that was putting it mildly. (Running Out Of Time)

11. "Tell me about your day, Tony." Maddie hands him a beer with the top already taken off and, like a colt, tucks her legs underneath her and snuggles up against him. (Just An Ordinary Day)

12. Even though it had been his idea, part of him couldn't believe that he was here; in a wood; going for a walk on a Sunday afternoon. (The Wind In Her Hair)

13. Finally she loses the battle to keep her eyes open, and with a soft sigh she slips into sleep. (Emily)

14. When you're a seasoned Federal Agent, it's not always easy to be optimistic; you start out that way. You believe you'll change the world; you'll right all the wrongs; you'll catch all the bad guys; you'll win. (Desperate Times)

15. If he thought about it, Tobias Fornell would have problems pinning down exactly what had made him become a Federal Agent. In particular why he had decided on the Federal Bureau of Investigation, rather than one of the other agencies. (An FBI Agent)

16. She lets him go outside to relieve himself rather than suggesting, as she should, that he find a corner and she would turn her back. (Zero Hour)

17. When Ducky confirmed that I was dying, I decided to make a list of all the things I hadn't done. (One Hundred Things)

18. Gibbs was right. (Cautions Not Taken)

19. I don't listen to gossip; never have. (A Helping Hand)

20. "This isn't going to work." (Truth In Gossip)

21. "I think he is." (Don't Ask, Don't Tell)

22. 'Scuttlebutt': it is such a lovely word to say; it rolls off one's tongue quite easily. (Scuttlebutt)

23. It was perfect; everything had gone to plan. Given that he'd planned it like he would a military operation, he guessed he shouldn't really be surprised. But even the things he had no actual control over had been right. (Story Of A Story)

24. "Well, I still say it's a new guy." (Second Guessing)

25. "You bloody fool!" Back ram-rod straight, stride deliberate, Ducky crossed to where Jethro stood. He moved closer and closer and closer, until his head was tipped back so far Jethro thought it must have hurt him. (Fools Rush In)

Any patterns?

Well . . .

  • Six begin with dialogue. Nineteen don't begin with dialogue

  • Three are first person. Five are second person. Seventeen are third person.

  • Nine are more than one sentence in length. Sixteen are one sentence.

  • Twelve contain at least one name. Thirteen don't contain a name.

    I suppose the pattens here are:

  • My stories are more likely not to begin with dialogue

  • They are more likely to be third person.

  • The first line is likely to be fairly short and contain only one sentence.

  • It's virtually equal that a the first line will contain a name as not.

    Extra information about these stories:

  • The most recent was posted today. The oldest was posted on 13th August

  • The shortest is 100 words. The longest 8,033.

  • Twenty-Two are under 1,000 words. Three are over 1,000 words.

  • Twenty-One are NCIS. Three are Due South. One is Starsky & Hutch

  • Nine are slash. Seven are het. Nine are gen.


    Four - Gibbs/Ducky
    Three - Fraser/Vecchio
    One - Starsky/Hutch
    One - Jenny/Ziva

  • HET

    Five - DiNozzo/Maddie
    Two - Abby/McGee

  • GEN

    Four - Fornell
    One - Ducky
    One - Gibbs & McGee
    One - Ziva
    One - DiNozzo
    One - Jenny

    The breakdown of pairing/character and genre isn't particularly normal.

  • Thirteen of them were written for the Alphabet Meme where I was writing ficlets to requests for pairings/character with a prompt from the alphabet.

  • With the exception of the three Fraser/Vecchio stories the remaining ten are not pairings or characters I write very often, some are in fact pretty much the first time I have written the pairing or character.

  • It is particularly interesting to see that I've written more DiNozzo/Maddie than I have Abby/McGee - the latter being one of my main pairings.

  • Also interesting are the number of gen stories I have written - that most certainly isn't 'normal'.

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