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Friday meme

From thefridayfive

How many times a day do you...

1. Brush your teeth?

Four or five.

2. Shower?


3. Check your E-mail?

ROTFL Oh, boy. No way can I answer this one! Put it this way my email program is launched and open all the time my computer is on. My computer is on, with me using it about seven to eight hours a day and when it bingle-bongles, I check it.

4. Check LJ?

ROTFL again. Once again, when my computer is on, LJ is launched. So I check it maybe every half an hour or so (probably more) unless one of the bingling-bongling emails is a LJ notification or comment and then I toddle off and check it there and then.

5. Eat?

Two main meals (breakfast and supper) and maybe a biscuit or something in the afternoon.
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