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NCIS Season Six - Spoilers

Ausiello has some spoilers about the forthcoming season.

Warning: There are spoilers behind the cut.

Sources confirm that newcomer Jonathan Magnum will join previous NCIS guest stars Liza Lapira and Jonathan LaPaglia  in filling the void left by Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray and Cote de Pablo -- all of whom were reassigned in the finale (but who will remain with the show nonetheless).

Although the length of the new hires' tour of duty remains top-secret (they're being billed as recurring players), I've been assured by the TPTB at NCIS that disposable plot devices they are not.

So Michelle Lee is back and the other apparently 'known' guy (who as you will all guess I didn't recognise) has come from the FBI! He was in Tribes (apparently).

Read more at Ausiello Files.

Interesting, intriguing, what bit of WTF? It could be rather interesting to see Gibbs with Michelle on his team full time.

But what about the other three? How much time is going to be spent whizzing hither and yon to see them? Is this not going to dilute the team even more? And with Shane Brennan having said to contradictory things (one that the team will be back together quickly, the other than it won't be) one wonders how much accuracy there is not only in the above, but in anything that has been mentioned.

And of course we have the other spoiler from a few weeks ago that says one of Gibbs's team will not survive the first episode. But whether that's one of the newbies, or one of the three re-assigned or one of the non-reassigned we don't know.

*Sigh* And still more than a month to go.
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