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Once upon a time I used to be sane

And then I discovered LJ and more importantly LJ Fanfic Challenge Communities.

Whilst writing my ncis_ficathon and ncis_bigbang stories, I got to the stage where I needed a break from writing. My email in-box was just about up-to-date, spending avoiding spending money on Amazon, just didn't hold my attention. Thus I did something else entirely.

I set up another Fanfic Challenge Community. Except, I didn't, quite. I ::coughs:: set up three.

100tri_drabbles is a triple drabble challenge of 100 stories. You claim a pairing (slash or het), a triad (slash or het or slash & het), a single character, a non-romantic pairing (gen) or a general series. All you then have to do is to write one hundred three hundred word drabbles. Simple.

100_tales is based on my 12_stories community (it even uses all eight tables). However, unlike 12_stories where you are limited to writing an equal number of stories per character/pairing, for 100_tales you don't. You simply sign up and write one hundred stories in any mix and match fashion you like. If you want to write ninety-nine stories for one pairing and one story for another; or ten stories for ten pairings; or one story for one hundred pairings; or thirty-three stories for one pairing, twenty-two for another, forty-one stories for another and one story for four pairings, you can. That or any other combination or permutation you can think of.

6_by_6_by_6 is actually J's fault. He came up with this idea several months ago and has been asking me on and off since then if I've set up 'his' challenge community. Well I have now. This one is somewhat different from most other challenges insofar as, although you only have to write six stories, you don't have to include one prompt per story, you have to include six - and the actual words have to appear in the stories.

Basically the prompt table consists of six categories: Colours. Vehicles. Vegetables. Terrain. Weather. Weapons. And each category has six prompts, i.e. there are six colours, six weapons, etc. What you have to do, for each story, is to use one prompt from each category. And each word can only be used ONCE.

For example:

Story One might contain the following prompts: Azure. Bicycle. Melon. Forest. Fog. Hand Gun.
Story Two might contain the following prompts: Ivory. Airship. Banana. Sea. Wind. Sword.

Here you can claim a pairing (slash, gen or het) or a character.

These communities are about open for business, but although I have checked my links and the tables and proof-read as much as possible there still might be the odd error/typo lurking. So if you see anything, please let me know. Thank you.
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