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Suggestions are appreciated

I have a friend (quinzelxharleen) whose posts never appear on my flist. I don't mean once or twice as often seems to happen when LJ 'hides' someone's posts, but all the time.

  • I've tried de-friending and re-friending in the hope this might help - it didn't.

  • I don't use filters for reading so it's not that.

  • quinzelxharleen isn't using a filter that I'm not on as if I go to her LJ I can read the posts quite happily.

  • There is nothing hinky about the date and/or time of posting, that I can see. Besides I've gone to skip=300, way past when the most recent post was made (27th July) and the post simply isn't on my flist.

  • I've got her tracked so at least I know when a post has been made. But even so.

    Does anyone, please, have any suggestions? Ideas? Or something as to what else I might try?

    Thank you in advance.

    ETA Solved! Thanks to toomuchfandom (and I also found out that I'm not the only one of quinzelxharleen's friends to have this problem - adriannacoylho has it too).

    quinzelxharleen the problem seems to be caused by the fact you have an out-of-order post at the top of your journal. toomuchfandom has advised that when you post you need to uncheck 'date out of order'. That should then solve the problem and your posts will show up on your friends' flist.

    Thanks again, Anita.
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